TPM 3D Trailer With “Tintin?”

A couple of guys posted on this TFN thread that they’d seen the trailer with preview screenings of the upcoming “Tintin.”

I’ll keep you posted on other movies that are reportedly showing the trailer beforehand!


3 Responses to “TPM 3D Trailer With “Tintin?””

  1. Bob Clark Says:

    Now, that’s more like it.

    Would it be too much to hope it’s a new trailer, maybe?

  2. Dawn Says:

    Seems like that would make for an even better fit for the trailer, now you mention it….isn’t “Tintin” Spielberg’s new flick? That definitely would up it, audience-exposure-wise…. 🙂 Not that I’m necessarily all that overmuch tempted to see “Tintin” unto itself, but….hey, whatever gets the TPM trailer even greater, farthest-and-widest exposure, totally all for that!…. (and I still love, *love* that idea of them even playing it on a repat loop, someplace like the Best Buy displays….you just know as I’d be spending my whole day there-! 🙂 )

  3. TPF1138 Says:

    As Three Musketeers was released here in Ireland a week before the TPM 3D trailer, I suspected it would end up being attached to HERGE’S… ADVENTURES… OF… …TINTIN (or Spielberg’s. whatever!) very excited. I was huge fan of Tintin as a kid.

    Whether or not the TPM trailer ends up screening before the movie is anybodies guess. It tends to be a little random here. The 3D presentation though, would tend to insist upon it, but we’ll see.

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