Kids Devastated By ROTS

How would kids introduced to Star Wars through Clone Wars take the events of ROTS? Well, let’s just say that this piece blows the idea that the prequels are just worthless crud out of the water.

H/T TFN & Paul McDonald


7 Responses to “Kids Devastated By ROTS”

  1. Catherine C (@bookwrm17) Says:

    Pretty much sums up why RotS is my favorite installment of the saga (though of course I love them all) – it’s one hell of an emotional experience.

    And I love all the commenters saying they’ve found a new appreciation for the prequels. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Stefan Kraft Says:

    First time I post here (just quick introduction: I fully support the idea of the SWPAS ๐Ÿ™‚ I could now go on how I think about the prequels, the Clone Wars etc. but let’s just say: There’s one prequel I do not like – I nevertheless do not think it is stupid – but I really like the other 2 prequels, and I do not have a favorite SW movie, neither from the OT nor from the PT – I’m a Saga guy.)

    About the article: One comment points out that the kids love the Clone Wars series, that Anakin is one of their heroes in it, and that they are of course shocked to see him fall to the dark side. (He goes on and states that the actual characterizations, the action etc. happen in the Series, and that the PT movies are just a flawed “special” to the Series, but let’s not discuss whether this is true or not. He’s entitled to that opinion.)

    So let me just state: It is hard to say whether the two kids would be so shocked about Anakin’s fall if they did not know the Clone Wars series, or not. It certainly has added much to their experience.

    In any case, Drew McWeeny’s article series on the introduction of his kids to Star Wars is a nice read – finally fair and balanced criticism of the PT (you do not have to agree, of course), and (more important) serious criticism of the Lucas and PT bashing in the Phantom Menace article. (Really, I am sick of all the “George raped my childhood” stuff – let’s discuss, but in a fair way, and let us agree on our right to disagree – and in the end enjoy the parts of Star Wars we like and ignore the ones we do not.)

    P.s.: Sorry for any grammar or spelling errors, English is not my mother tongue.

  3. Stefan Kraft Says:

    … aaand I just recognized that you pointed it already out: “How would kids introduced to Star Wars through Clone Wars…” Sorry that I haven’t noted it.
    Anyway, who knows how they would have reacted to the movie without the Clone Wars? Time will maybe tell… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. TPF1138 Says:

    “So let me just state: It is hard to say whether the two kids would be so shocked about Anakinโ€™s fall if they did not know the Clone Wars series, or not. It certainly has added much to their experience.”

    Not hard for me. I saw a similar reaction from kids, cousins of mine, when I showed them the series, and this was before The Clone Wars had been seen by anyone, outside Lucasfilm. The girls it’s true, were more engaged by the A/P love story than the boys – there were a few eww’s and uhh’s from them – but they still watched avidly.

    I’m sure that a weekly television series adds a great deal of additional depth to these movies, it couldn’t but, but this has been ridiculously overstated in some quarters. Character development in the prequels is more-or-less commensurate with that of the original trilogy. In truth, with the addition of The Clone Wars, the prequel characters are far more developed than those in the originals.

    But, whatever…

    As to the prequels being only a “flawed” special to the series… You’re right, Mr. McWeeny is more than entitled to his opinion, but that’s nonsense.

    This though, was a fun, if “flawed”, article. I enjoyed it.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      Wait, I think I did not express myself properly…
      Mr. McWeeny (the author of the article series) does not state that the prequels are only a “flawed” special to the Clone Wars series, that’s just someone’s comment on the page.
      Mr. McWeeny may however share the opinion that his two kids would not have been so devastated by RotS if they did not know the Clone Wars.

      • TPF1138 Says:

        That’s cool, man. I’m not opposed to anyone voicing an opinion. Drew McWeeny has always been a reasonable if inexpert commentator who rarely, in my experience, resorts to snark or open hostility.

        A multitude of voices, with everyone behaving respectfully. That’s all I ask for. Shouldn’t be hard, but…

  5. Stefan Kraft Says:

    In any case, watching “The Clone Wars” has also improved their OT experience: Ep. IV: Darth Vader’s cool! Wait, Obi-Wan says Darth has killed Anakin? I hate Vader! Ep. V: Wait, Vader is WHAT??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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