Other Films Showing The Trailer

I’ve now seen from two different sources that the Rowan Atkinson film “Johnny English 2: Reborn” is showing the trailer and as mentioned a few days ago, some theaters may be showing it with “Paranormal Activity 3.”

Now, I’m beginning to wonder if there are in fact two different versions of the trailer, one shown with 2D films and one shown with 3D films. Let’s just say that secret sources have indicated a 2D version of the trailer that seems quite different from the one described by “Captain Typho” on TFN. The 2D version seems to focus exclusively on TPM while the other version is longer and includes bits from all of the Star Wars films.

Update: TFN has posted the trailer. After watching this and a bootleg back to back, I’ve concluded it’s the same trailer. The bootleg version just had the first part cut out.


3 Responses to “Other Films Showing The Trailer”

  1. Bob Clark Says:

    I just saw the 3D trailer with “Three Musketeers” (crap movie, but that’s to be expected). I’ll say that the only moments from films other than TPM was at the beginning, before the shift to 3D. From that point on, it’s all Episode I, all the time.

  2. Keith Palmer Says:

    It may have taken a few days, but it’s interesting to see even a “flat” version of the trailer, although I might have focused on “external narration” making it feel a little “old-fashioned.” I also took note for some reason of its suggestion the movie would have some “2D” screenings too.

  3. Dave Strohmenger Says:

    I saw the 2D version with Johnny English. I’m a bit disappointed with the exclusion of Jar Jar, but I was glad to see there’s quite a bit of Anakin in it. Since the haters seem to have such a problem with Jake Lloyd, I expected to see Anakin downplayed. It’s good to see this isn’t the case. I suppose the fact that he’s a hero for so many kids from the Clone Wars, they’ll be excited to see him on the big screen and hopefully that will boost the box office take. I’ve never had a problem with Anakin or any other part of Episode I. I’ve been nostalgic for the Special Editions/TPM era lately, so I can’t wait for February.

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