More Well Liked Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Big Shiny Robot posted an interesting piece on why The Prequels Are More Well Liked Than You Can Possibly Imagine. Of course, nerd nation can’t let that slip by without their showing up to barf on the floor, but what else would you expect?


5 Responses to “More Well Liked Than You Can Possibly Imagine”

  1. Bob Clark Says:

    He had me up until the bit about Reagan. Wasn’t it Nixon who talked about the Silent Majority? Also, Reagan did like the original “Star Wars” movies (as well as “Back to the Future”, oddly), but I don’t think that Lucas reciprocated that admiration.

  2. Dawn Says:

    I had to put my own comment in on his blog post….something about it just really got to me, I couldn’t stand it that the usual whiny, carping contingent of fanboy bitchers were trying to take over, throw their bullying weight around yet again….I guess I just felt I had to say my piece, as well, whether or not it really amounts to much against their foaming-at-the-mouth raving and caterwauling….we just can’t let them get away with thinking they have the *right*, then, is the thing – much less ever deluding themselves that they speak for anywhere near a majority of the fandom as a whole. High time indeed we *fought* for our fandom, for our own right to be fairly and equitably heard and treated….the basher fanboys aren’t gonna win this one, they’re *already* losing – steadily, inexorably, inevitably….yes, they *are*….but let’s just help that process along however we can, too, I figure. *snerk*

    They’re not the least bit wanted there, on his blog….they’ve no place, no reason whatsoever to go arrogantly bullying and swaggering their way through it, and basically just trying yet again to ruin the good times for the rest of us….not getting away with it this time, nooooo, I do not *think* so….

  3. darthswank Says:

    The Reagan thing was a joke.

    • Bob Clark Says:

      I know, and I shouldn’t nitpick, but even a joke should get modern US history right. It’s the equivalent of saying George W. Bush said “Read my lips: No new taxes”.

      • Bryan Young Says:

        I looked it up and I’m not crazy. Reagan did use the phrase “silent majority” in campaign materials through the 70s and 80s

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