Full Blu-Ray Extras Details?

I can’t say for certain it’s official since it originated with a fan who has a buddy in the video industry in Korea or something, but going around the web today is a listof the Blu-Ray set extras, including interviews and cut scenes. Hmm, what’s this about Yoda chatting with Qui-Gon in ROTS?


3 Responses to “Full Blu-Ray Extras Details?”

  1. Lin Says:

    OOOOOH!!!! Yoda/Qui Gon!

    Did someone actually listen to the true fans?

  2. oxward321 Says:

    I’m VERY excited! But, was hoping for more deleted scenes, like the ROTS Obi-Wan/Padme in her apartment. The info has been update stating the list is “accurate but incomplete” Be nice if some of the scenes, like the one I mentioned, make it back into the film. I’m not holding my breath, it would be nice. 🙂 I might be the only one but, I’m glad the special features on the Episode I-III and 2004 DVD box set won’t be obsolete. We’ll still NEED those! Like the A L I E N Bluray set, it’s nice to have EVERYTHING in one neat little package but, at the same time the other two DVD sets I bought are now totally useless.

  3. Georgio Says:

    I’m still keeping my Limited Edition DVD’s with the theatrical cuts!! Slipping Ep 4. in the blu ray set instead of the blu-ray SE. It’s the only theatrical version i perfer over the new stuff.

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