Clone Wars Season 4 Panel @ Comic Con

I will say this off the top: no Han Solo, no Ben Quadinaros ever. But this upcoming season, subtitled “Battle Lines,” promises as Dave Filoni put it, “Lots of explosions.”

The hour-long panel presented several clips from Season 4, including from what will likely be the season-opener, a three-episode arc taking place on the Mon Calamari’s homeworld. There will be a new shark-like creature that will prey on the Mon Cals in a violent way (“bubbles make it better”). And they confirmed a certain cult favorite from ROTJ will appear in these episodes. They tried working in a “it’s a trap” joke but dropped it. There’s going to be another clone-focused arc that takes place on a planet that’s dark all of the time; the homeworld of Sly Moore, Palpatine’s creepy-looking assistant. There was also a fun clip with Artoo and Threepio (co-starring Adi Gallia) that recalls the opening scenes of ANH. And we got to see the Katee Sackoff clip posted on yesterday.

Nightsisters and Savage Opress will be back but nobody would say if a guy whose name rhymes with “Saul” will also appear.

Bounty hunters galore will be back too: Boba Fett, Bossk, and of course Cad Bane. And Season 4 will mark the debut of our old friend Dengar.

There’s also a brief glimpse at a Z-95 Headhunter, which goes back to the old Star Wars RPG from the late ’80s!

There was also discussion of designing new models for characters, especially the diving clonetroopers seen in the water battles. Apparently Captain Rex is realizing the Republic is viewing the clones as expendable.

On Anakin and Padmé, someone during the Q&A asked if Obi-Wan or Ahsoka will figure out what’s going on. Dave Filoni said that issue will come up during Season 4 with regards to Obi-Wan. He thinks Obi-Wan and Ahsoka know they are close but believe Anakin is committed enough not to break the attachment rules; but if Ahsoka were to find out, she would be disappointed but she would respect him enough not to rat him out.

The issue of Ahsoka’s fate came up and in a nutshell, Filoni’s revisited it several times and Lucas isn’t talking.

Seth Green was in the audience and got up on stage during the Q&A. Filoni brought in some friends in Nightsisters gear.

All in all a fun panel that delivered the goodies.


3 Responses to “Clone Wars Season 4 Panel @ Comic Con”

  1. Mike Says:

    I’m pretty sure Han Solo flew a Z-95 Headhunter in Han Solo at Stars’ End and that was published in ’79.

  2. Keith Palmer Says:

    “No Han Solo” is all right with me, but at times I think I’d rather see a podracer or two in Clone Wars than learn another one of the Empire Strikes Back bounty hunters has been around for twenty years… Still, the presentation sounded interesting in general.

  3. oxward321 Says:

    Keith I totally agree! 🙂

    I wish they’d put Ben Quadinaros, or one of his species, in an Episode. My favorite Pod Racer.

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