9 Reasons Why The Prequels Are Underrated

Thanks to Linda for forwarding a link to this essay on “Jar Jar Binks And 9 Reasons Why The Star Wars Prequels Are Underrated.” Help out the poor author in the comments; he’s getting killed by the basher/RLM cult mob.


4 Responses to “9 Reasons Why The Prequels Are Underrated”

  1. TAR Says:

    These comments are funny.
    Some people wthout a life beyond their holy three movies they saw as kids really seem to think of these mostly stupid RLM-Reviews as some sort of “proof”, although they are obviously unable to even understand the prequels. Great comedy.
    Hats off to Michael Brown for his courage!

  2. Paul F. McDonald Says:

    I don’t think there’s any hope for these guys … just a-holes.

  3. Natalie Says:

    The PT hate brigade swooping down like vultures on the poor guy.

  4. S.T Says:

    Off course the prequels are mad underrated. People just expected the impossible. We just live in a world with a bunch of negatives people who need to criticize and find flaws. Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith are really good Star Wars movies, even Episode 1 is not as bad as people say… damn Lucas had to start somwhere. Its just ridiculous how people whine/make a big deal about Jar Jar Binks… I mean.. what’s wrong ? its only one of the character he’s just funny..people take it too seriously, get a sense of humor. Darth Vader presence alone make the old trilogy on another level, take him out and place him in the episodes 2-3 it would makes the prequels shine more than the old trilogy, that’s why people cry cause Vader is an epic character but he cant be in the episodes 1-2-3 like he was in 4-5-6, that’s all about nostalgia and people start to talkshit and discredit the prequels for no reasons when they couldnt be really better than that, imo Lucas did what he could, the geek expections we’re just too big for this epic saga.

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