Star Blog Gives Web Traffic To Anti-PT Site

The Official Star blog promoted a dopey (and not real funny) feature on a site called that seems harmless enough. But Dorkly also featured a similar list called “7 Quotes That Could Have Saved The Star Wars Prequels,” which as you can imagine weren’t real complimentary to the films or to Lucas. While the blog didn’t link to that (or at least not yet), aren’t they aware of it? If so, why promote a site that disparages half the saga and the man who signs their paychecks.

You can’t convince me that Lucasfilm isn’t its own worst enemy.


9 Responses to “Star Blog Gives Web Traffic To Anti-PT Site”

  1. oxward321 Says:

    I just put my two cent in!

  2. Bob Clark Says:

    I wouldn’t mind so much if there were equivalent images or whatnot for the annoying aspects of the LOTR films, or some other pop-cultural institution that has all the same faults as the Prequels, if not more, but gets off scot free.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Oh no, thou shalt not regard the LOTR flicks as anything but perfect!

      Some franchises do get put through the wringer: the Transformers and Twilight movies come to mind. But what’s unique with the prequels is that it’s a constant meme to divide the franchise into wheat and chaff. Lucasfilm has repeatedly played into that game for too long.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        They know that it guarantees them attention from the older generation of fans, when they should really be worrying about the future.

        As for the other franchises out there– I don’t think anyone takes crap like “Transformers” or “Twilight” as seriously as “Star Wars”, so the conparison kinda falters there. And more imortantly, I find it all kinds of odd that so many fan/critically aclaimed blockbusters of the past decade (stuff by the likes of Jackson, Nopan and Cameron, to name a few) can suffer from all the same flaws of the Prequels (along with several all their own) without anyone raising so much as a contrary cough in their direction.

        I recall a friend in college who whined about the poop-and-farting gags in TPM, saying one reason he preferred LOTR was because of how much more mature it was. I suppose he must’ve been in the bathroom for all of Merry and Pippin’s scenes…

      • Omar Says:

        Hey, big Transformers fan here (of course it will NEVER EVER replace Star Wars for me)! But still, I’m a little hurt 😦

    • may_child Says:

      Yes, it would be nice if other series got their share of bile instead of it all being dumped on the prequels.

      I do recall that the sequels to “The Matrix” got thrashed pretty hard, and I admit I got a nasty satisfaction from that…especially since bashers and their representatives in the media were confidently proclaiming the sequels to be masterpieces before they were even released. It was nice to see them end up with egg on their faces.

      One thing I wonder, and I’ve talked about it before, is if the people who hold up, say, LOTR as being so vastly superior to the prequels, really love LOTR all that much…or if they’re simply using it as a paddle with which to spank the prequels. Because it does seem odd that they continue to spend such exorbitant amounts of time on the prequels, when they could be over at, basking in LOTR’s magnificence.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        LOTR soared with critics because it was more of a known commodity, a piece of fantasy (a much more accepted, conventional genre than sci-fi– “Wizard of Oz” is a feel-good Hollywood classic, “2001” still leaves folks scratching their heads) and a film based on a book that already had generations of fans (Jackson was able to piggy-back a lot of Tolkien’s popularity rather than build much of his own). It fits the film cognoscenti formula much better than any original/alternate-genre effort ever does, so it’s no wonder that “Star Wars”, and eventually “The Matrix” started suffering at the ehands of commentators high and low.

        I will say that I’m still a pretty big fan of “The Matrix” movies, and particularly enjoyed how similar it was to Lucas’ films, and even “The Phantom Menace” when it first came out (1999 was a good year for progressive-blockbusters, both stylistically and politically– between them and the WTO protests in Seattle, I often see TPM, “The Matrix” and “Fight Club” as essentially the same kind of message-movie aimed at children, teenagers and adults, respectively)

        What hurt “The Matrix”, I think, was ultimately what hurt the PRequels, but at a far bigger scale. The Wachowskis set up a very simple good-vs-evil struggle in the first movie, and then defied that to develop a much more complicated narrative for the second and third films, which is more or less what bothered Original Trilogy fans who got annoyed by the politics, philosophy and ambiguity of TPM and AOTC. Considering that “The Matrix” films were rated R, I’d say it’s a wonder they did as well as they did. I’ll also say that the Wachowskis must’ve thought that Lucas was doing something good in his films, seeing as they hired his cinematographer, David Tattersal, when they did “Speed Racer”.

        My honest opinion on LOTR– soon enough, it’s going to be forgotten. There will always be other action-epic myths to satisfy audiences in the meantime, and none to rival the position “Star Wars” has as an original work. LOTR is, in many ways, just a big, overblown Miramax movie. Its importance will be accepted, but taken for granted, without being watched very frequently. Spike tuns “Star Wars” all the time, but when was the last time you saw LOTR broadcast on basic cable that often? It’ll be remembered in the same way that “Shakespeare in Love” or “The English Patient” are remembered– not at all (though I should try and watch “The English Patient” again, at some point).

  3. Paul F. McDonald Says:

    Gollum is my Jar Jar … I’m just saying.

  4. taffysaur Says:

    i still like the english patient. ;0)

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