Interesting Take On Coruscant & The PT

This is a short thread on TFN from 2005, but it is a rather interesting look at what Coruscant represents through the prequels and how that changes over the course of the series.

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One Response to “Interesting Take On Coruscant & The PT”

  1. Lin Says:

    LP – thanks so much for continually bringing us great posts from the past. I wish all those topics weren’t locked. I’m still thinking about the prequels daily.

    I knew this: I just could never put it so precisely and make that circle complete – GREATpost!

    We complete it with everyone brought together on Coruscant and just about every important event taking place there. Padme and Anakin don’t leave except for that one time to meet their fates. Obi-Wan, Bail, and Yoda leave, and are forced to return. Destiny draws everyone back to Coruscant eventually, but not under happy circumstances any more. Anyone who comes back comes back out of duty (the Jedi and Bail) or in the case of Anakin, in extreme agony and on the verge of death. Every decision to leave Coruscant is a point of no return for these characters.

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