What To Expect In 2011

I’ve been thinking about the direction of Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society and while I’ll still post news about things like Star Tours II, The Clone Wars, the Blu-Ray release, and the 3D conversion, I think I need to further emphasize appreciation. So future posts will lean more along those lines. I’ve noticed that the Daily Awesome posts I did a couple of years ago remain popular. Maybe I’ll have a Daily Awesome Month.

I do want to have another Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day on May 19, but this time go bigger in scale. I’m thinking of a contest with actual prizes!

And, I’d like to have an ongoing series called “Why We Love The Prequels” based on the panel from Celebration V.

If you have any other ideas, please post!

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7 Responses to “What To Expect In 2011”

  1. Lin Says:

    May 19th – I’m in… but every day sees me appreciating and defending. and we appreciate YOU and SWPAS – a safe harbor.

  2. oxward321 Says:

    VERY impressive! You are doing a fantastic job with site! I LOVE the idea of continuing the Appreciation Day (that is, until Lucasfilm honers the saga as a whole) on a much L A R G E R scale! These numbers are a great sign that this site, and everyone out there loving the PT, are starting to make a difference. Now if we could only get a few more people into the main stream media to help set the record strait. Here’s to a New Year with new hope’s. “Some times dream do come true, don’t they”……..

  3. Lin Says:

    Speaking of defense:

  4. oxward321 Says:

    I don’t know lazypadawan. I really wish I could figure it out. Maybe they had too many bad relationships, or no relationships, daddy was a drunk who disappointed every Christmas, mommy didn’t care? For some reason they have to find it in their little pathetic hearts to hate on a movie? Sad indeed!

  5. oxward321 Says:

    Right after Lin posted that link I signed up and left my two cents, over 24 hours later it’s still up? Why, because it was positive! Sad little people!

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