Prequel Basher Manages TFN Prequel Board

Talk about putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. I just noticed this glowing review of R*L*M’s bashfest of ROTS from a “shanerjedi” on TFN:

I think this is his best review yet because it sums up perfectly the problems afflicting all 3 films.

I especially liked his breakdown of how the films were shot with comparisons between action scenes and dialogue scenes. Devastating.

Who is “shanerjedi?” Why he’s the Lucasfilm/Saga/Prequel Trilogy Forum Manager!

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7 Responses to “Prequel Basher Manages TFN Prequel Board”

  1. maychild Says:

    Wow. I’m shocked, SHOCKED, to know that that cesspool is “moderated” by a prequel-basher. I’d be even more shocked to know that he’s not the only one.

    I don’t go to TF.N. In fact, I can’t. My anti-virus software blocks it, as I found out when I attempted to go there to see the announcement after Irvin Kershner died.

    Actually, I could override that, but I decided not to. I gave that wretched place way too much of my time, and I don’t need the stress or the elevated blood pressure.

  2. Bob Clark Says:

    Christ, that’s just plain sad. You’d think that they would actively seek somebody who actually liked the films to moderate the boards, or at least somebody who liked them as much or more than the originals. Granted, that doesn’t mean you have to think they’re flawless or perfect or any means, but touting the RLM guy is just plain anathema for a PT admirer.

    On a related note, I wonder if I should bother watching this new video at all to get a feel for when I write my own ROTS piece. Comparing action and dialogue scenes is fair– Lucas is definitely better at the former than the latter. But then, I’d argue that he’s probably the best action director since the likes of Kurosawa or even John Ford, on par or better than similarly talented filmmakers like Ridley Scott, Michael Mann or Martin Campbell. For action that good, I’m willing to sit through some iffy dramatics– what bothers me are the guys who are iffy with action and plotting but marginally better at the drama (Nolan, Jackson, Greengrass) getting all the acolades.

  3. TPF1138 Says:

    You have got to be F#*king kidding me!

    Really TF. N.


    What is the point? *shakes head*

    To Bob Clark:

    I’m very much looking forward to another even tempered, insightful, fair, and well reasoned Star Wars piece from your good self. I don’t always agree with everything you write (just most of it), but it’s always intelligent, and knowledgeable. Your ROTS piece can’t come soon enough.

  4. oxward321 Says:

    Surprise me not, this does!

    One of the reasons I stopped going over to was because of the “moderates” I use this term loosely. You could say what ever you want about the PT and they wouldn’t step in, they usually put in their own negative comments, if you say anything remotely negative about the so called “holy trilogy” they’d lock up the the thread or threaten to lock you out!

    I’ve NEVER watched one second of any of these pathetic “reviews” I’ve read enough about this loser to know he’s just another sad moron with nothing better to do then piss and moan and waste hours of his time and life to hate on a movie! Sad little people.

    I put in my two cents, on a happier note: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

    I’m gong to start off my new year right, with Attack of the Clones on my new wide screen T.V!!!!!!!!

  5. Simon Maxwell Says:

    I wondered what your reference to “R*L*M” was, but having done a quick search, I see you were referring to Red Letter Media and his “review” of Revenge of the Sith, which seems to be receiving glowing reviews from whiny fanboys on teh interwebs. Now, I’ve not wasted a minute of my life watching any of these “reviews”, and having read some of Bryan Young’s response to the Phantom Menace “review”, I’m not going to bother. They sound like nothing more than lengthy anal nit-picking whine fests.

    If one felt so inclined, one could probably make a similar “review” of, say, The Empire Strikes Back, attacking plot holes. But the plot holes in the prequels and The Empire Strikes Back don’t make those films any less good.

    Incidentally, if you’re wondering which plot holes in The Empire Strikes Back I’m thinking of, here are a couple:

    1) With the Millennium Falcon’s hyperdrive inoperative, how is the ship able to travel between star systems on sub-light speed without it taking years?
    2) When Boba Fett follows Han and co after the Falcon detaches from the Star Destroyer, why does Han not spot Fett? Doesn’t the Falcon have a rear-view mirror or something? 😉

    (But as I said above, plot holes like these don’t make the six films any less good.)

  6. Natalie Says:

    Screw TF.N, we should start our own forum 🙂

    • lazypadawan Says:

      We do have one! It could be a little bit more active, but it’s there. Look under Blogroll for the SWPAS Forum.

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