Did Lucas Change Cinema With The PT?

A guy named Kevin McLeod thinks so. He explains why in a fabulous essay on the L.A. Times Hero Complex blog.

Lucas’ visual ingenuity is relentless; he offers us a strikingly revolutionary level of storytelling. I agree that no one can make you like films you simply don’t like, but look deeper and go back and watch a film you’ve actually never seen before. Welcome to the future, where George Lucas already is. Take a look around…

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3 Responses to “Did Lucas Change Cinema With The PT?”

  1. Bob Clark Says:

    And of course, the trolls have already come out from under their bridges to start the attack. Great. Why does this have to happen every times somebody writes an interesting piece on the PT?

    What I like best here is the diagnosis he provides for SW and the PT especially as a foundation for “pattern recognition” in cinema and culture at large. It’s a key insight both to understanding how the saga works on its own and how it has influenced sci-fi, gaming and the film landscape far more than anybody would care to admit. I’m especially interested to see how this was written by one of the guys who (apparently) was responsible for the acclaimed ARG (alternate reality game) “The Beast” for Spielberg’s “A.I.” (which was, quite frankly, better than the film). Not to mention “Jericho”…

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Ah, I did not know that.

      Concerning the trolls, there’s a reason why I approve of every comment on this site. I swear to God these people sit around on Google or Bing every day looking for anything that references Star Wars or specifically the prequels and they go on the attack. When I hear that these people are only motivated by their “passion” or “love” for Star Wars, I want to punch them in the face. This has nothing to do with “love” and everything to do with a “passion” for being right, and in their minds, they’re right so long as they dominate any discussion about those films.

  2. Lin Says:

    So glad you’re always there, LP, to defend…me too. This was my post:

    LOVE the concept of the midichlorians. It’s there surrounding the universe, including us, just like Obi Wan explained it. Will always love all 6 films but I relish the Jedi in their glory years when there were more than just one evil and one good. I love Anakin at his beginning – always doing good, generous, unselfish and what evolved…. a great lesson that will never lose its impact and relevancy. The prequels explained so much – how innocence can be lost, how power corrupts, how fear to lose love controls so much. Again so many wonderful lessons that can apply to all people, all cultures.

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