The Queen’s Sacrifice

The blog has posted a very interesting essay on Padmé and her role in the prequels:

Padme’s fate is entwined with that of the Republic. It is clear in her dialogue. It is clear in her costumes — she is nearly always wearing layers, and ostentatious trappings. When she is not it is because “the Republic does not exist here” — on Tatooine, Geonosis, or Mustafar. Her clothes are as overdone and unwieldy — if beautiful — as are the politics of the Republic she serves. If we follow the symbolism to its conclusion, when she dies on that lonely asteroid it is not simply because she can’t deal with Anakin’s betrayal. It is because in (symbolic) truth, she is already dead. The thunderous applause of the Senate broke her just as much as her husband’s force-choking did. The combination kills her.

Read the rest here. There’s a related essay on Ahsoka and another one on Leia’s relationship with Vader that are pretty good too.

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