New Clone Wars Season Three Trailer

Earlier today at Comic Con, I got to sit through the hour-long program on The Clone Wars. Most of the presentation was about technical stuff, whether it was clothing design, the nightmare of Aurra Sing’s pony tail, or cinematic lighting used on the show. There was a little bit about the upcoming season, including a new trailer with a little bit of new footage. It’s up now on, but beware of spoilers!

At the Q&A afterward, one of the first questions was from a young boy asking about why a certain character was wielding a lightsaber, heh heh. We were promised a lot more about Season Three at Celebration in a couple of weeks. Of course!

Earlier, I got an autograph from the voice of all the clones on the show, Dee Bradley Baker. He’s a very nice guy, as are all of the folks on Clone Wars, and he was very psyched for Season Three. He told me that the season will kick off with a three-part arc about the clone soldiers featured in the “Rookies” episode from Season One.


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