My Star Wars In Concert Review

Since I won’t be posting much this weekend, I’ll run below my thoughts of Star Wars In Concert’s show in San Diego last night (reposted from my LiveJournal entry):

Best. Concert. Ever!

Seriously, if you couldn’t find a thing to love about this show or feel the least bit inspired, well, to paraphrase what Mojo Nixon once said about Michael J. Fox, there’s no Star Wars in you.

The next best thing besides the music is seeing all of the little kids in their t-shirts, costumes, and lightsabers. I saw miniature clonetroopers, Leias, Padmés, a toddler Han Solo, a little Luke in his X-Wing flight suit, Darth Vaders, Boba Fetts, Jedi, etc.. Of course there were some grownups in costume too, heh heh.

Not me, though. I wore my H&M Star Wars tunic with my Paige leggings. Again I made the lame decision to leave my lightsaber at home, worried the staff might seize it or something. Turns out lots of people brought theirs with no hassle from the staff.

The exhibition was spread out throughout the concourse surrounding the arena, so I got to see quite a bit of it but not everything. I guess Plo Koon was on the other side of the arena, since he’s one of the ones I missed. Oh well. What was there was mobbed. I held up my camera phone to take pictures.

I didn’t buy any souvenirs…they were pricey and from what I understand, the stuff is cheaper from the Concert’s online store.

The seats were further back than I thought but turned out to be pretty good. They were on the floor in those fold out chairs. We were in front of a thruway near the exit, so there was lots of legroom and it was easy to get in and out. Given some of the rather hefty concert goers parked nearby, we were pretty lucky none of them were next to us.

Oh yeah, the music! I’ve heard Star Wars music performed live a couple of times before and this crew is as good as the orchestra I saw with John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl in 2006. They run through Star Wars’s greatest hits with the ever energetic Anthony Daniels narrating/hosting. It’s basically a Cliffs Notes version of the saga with music, very similar to the DVD feature on the ROTS soundtrack CD. Sure you got your classics like “Imperial March” (our “Stairway to Heaven”), but I was very excited to hear stuff like “Across The Stars” live for the first time and the orchestra’s rendition of “Battle of the Heroes” was absolutely perfect. They even did a fine version of “Cantina Theme.” But they were all awesome.

This was of course performed in front of a big screen cut with scenes and concept art from all 6 movies. I might be hallucinating, but I think it’s off of that ROTS CD/DVD feature almost verbatim. I’ve seen some comments about some jarring cuts but I also realize that to most regular folks, they all kind of blur together after a while. It was kind of neat to see repetitive themes tied together.

Funniest moment: when Luke and Leia kiss, everybody went, “Ewww.”

If I had any downsides at all, I would have added even more tracks: “Han Solo and the Princess,” “Augie’s Great Municipal Band,” “The Emperor’s Theme,” and “Victory Celebration” for example. Oh and I would have moved the irritating fanboys behind me up to the nosebleeds.

But it was a great show with a very enthused audience, helped along by alcohol. I saw a lot of people going around with tubs of beer, sipping wine, and having a few cocktails. What is this, a Jimmy Buffett show?


2 Responses to “My Star Wars In Concert Review”

  1. oxward321 Says:

    Most of the video footage is from the ROTS cd/dvd soundtrack. But they added shots from ROTS. On the original dvd only Battle of the Hero’s had Sith footage. All and all, visually they keep it pretty well balanced.

    I would have much preferred a continual peace of music, much like what Lorin Maazel did with Wager’s 14 hour opera “The Ring.” Maazel organized a continual 80 + min of music highlighting the major themes through out the opera. If you interested it’s called ” The Ring Without Words” I HIGHLY recommend it! We simply got the concert arrangements that have been around, in some cases, 30 years now! 😮 Even so, it is an incredible concert! If it comes close to you, Don’t miss it! I can’t wait to see it again! I hope you got to see Queen Amidala’a senate grown?

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