More Prequel Appreciation Day Fun

First, this from Nick:

Over the past week (including May 19th) I have been working at the NASA Johnson Space Center here in Houston ( I work for a temp agency, and we were assigned there for a temporary job) to help set up & assemble a HUGE kids’ exhibit for Star Wars: The Clone Wars that will be open from May 29 to Sept.6.

The overall theme is “Republic Vs. Separatists”, with huge pictures of space battles, Coruscant, & Tatooine from the show, as well as life-sized wooden figures of all the characters, laser lights, fog machines, etc. It will have a large, 2-story obstacle course for kids modeled after Geonosis; an “interactive/climbing” game called The Blue Cliffs of Vanqor; an interactive “laser-tag” game with the Droids vs. Clones theme; the Dungeons of Jabba’s Palace — a darkened hall of mirrors maze with some interactive sliding doors and life-size pictures of Dooku, Cad Bane & others; a ferris wheel-type of exhibit called Count Dooku’s Geonosian Speeder, which involves peddling bicycles in a huge vertical loop — including upside down; and even Ziro’s Palace — a mock-up of a bar with a plastic Rotta the Hutt water fountain and a life-sized Chancellor Palpatine standing behind the bar (!!).

We spent long, hard days all week unloading and moving all the (huge and quite HEAVY) pieces & sections of the exhibit off the delivery trucks (2-3 of them), and nailing, drilling, painting, lifting, straining, sweating, more lifting, cleaning, cursing, complaining, and yet MORE lifting, etc…Yet, when it was all done (or 90%, anyway), it is a VERY impressive sight to see, that has already drawn gasps and awed stares from the crowds entering the place. (People were already taking pictures standing next to the life-sized character displays.) On a couple of days, there were even brief visits from guys dressed as stormtroopers — some dressed as clone troopers, some as OT troopers — who posed for pictures, threatening people w/ their blasters, etc. 🙂 All in all, should be a VERY cool exhibit when it officially opens next week.

In other news, I actually got a response recently from Lucasfilm, after I wrote to the Fan Relations dept. last month, concerning the lack of support for the PT, etc. I got a thank you note from a Kristen Hildago which, although it didn’t address the specific issues I raised, did say “It is always nice to hear from fans of the Prequels.” She included several small souvenirs of ROTS, including an official badge used by Lucasfilm employees to get into the premiere screening of Sith at the Presidio in San Francisco on May 7, 2005. Very cool…

And, oxward321 sent several pictures from both his own celebration of Prequel Appreciation Day and from a fan group’s Star Wars Day. Here are some of them:

Here’s an article about the Star Wars Day Event at a museum.

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