Prequel Appreciation Day Wrap-Up

Thanks to everybody who participated and helped promote the first SW Prequel Appreciation Day…oxward321, knight_ander on LiveJournal, Deborah Gizzi, JediJen, Bryan Young, etc..

I’ve become a bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to SW fans because too many have a way of living down to my worst expectations then exceeding them. But this shows there are people out there who love all of the SW movies, people you rarely hear from online and in the press. Here’s a sample from the Facebook page:

(ROTS) wasn’t just a fun popcorn movie, i felt like my brother had become a serial killer after watching anakin slaughter the younglings.

Such a powerful movie. It made Obi-Wan my favorite Jedi. Not a hero, not seeking the limelight. Just a normal man, that does his duty regardless of circumstance or outward pressure.

Thank God for this day. It is a wonderful thing. Cheers from NYC.

Happy birthday to the prequels and I want to thank George for saving my life..If it wasn’t for the prequels I wouldn’t be here today.

Some people fail to realize that Star Wars is made up of SIX movies, and anyone who can’t figure that out isn’t a Star Wars fan. The Prequels are awesome and I am proud to say that!!!!!!!!

I love, love, love Star Wars Prequels, especially Ep II and III. And they deserve for appreciation. So all the fans of SW come together und unite… ♥ May The Force Be With You All !!!!!!!!

Its great to see that there are others who truly appreciate the Prequels. I essentially grew up with them, so they definately carry a special meaning. I’l’ never forget seeing TPM in theaters about 5 times, seeing the amazing battles in AOTC, and going to the midnight showing of ROTS. Its hard to believe how long its been since each of these films were released…

They got me right back into Star Wars. ANH was the first sci-fi I ever saw and ADORED it, however the prequels gave a deeper meaning to life, the Force and everything. And I adore Qui-Gon Jinn, so wise, gentle and very beautiful in many ways.

The prequels are a brilliant addition to the Star Wars saga….they deepen the mythology of the original three and tell the full story of Anakin Skywalker and properly place Darth Vader as victim instead of villain. Thank you George Lucas for the greatest story ever told (I-VI)….prequel haters are not real Star Wars fans…May the Force Be With all who join this page!

And I love this comment on Big Shiny Robot:

What I love most about the prequels..Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. My two favorite Jedi…the prequels showed just how awesome the Jedi were. The lightsaber duels…epic. And as a first grade teacher, it opened the door to bring a love of Star Wars to a new generation. My entire classroom is decked out in Star Wars and for prequel appreciation day we made Padawan braids, had ice pops (since they look like lightsabers w/o handles) and I made them lightsaber cupcakes.

What a cool teacher!

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One Response to “Prequel Appreciation Day Wrap-Up”

  1. oxward321 Says:

    I LOVE those comments!!!!

    Seems the 1st Prequel Appreciation Day was a success! Hopefully it will grow and grow each year from here on out until it becomes Star Wars Saga day!

    I had a blast, hanging out with my daughter, we got a few cool comments on our TPM shirts. Watching the original theatrical cut of TPM, last time I watched that video was on TPM’s 10th, it really felt like yesterday. I didn’t have time to watch ROTS, that’s my plan for Sunday, I did manage to watch about 40 mins of the commentary on the DVD.

    All and all, most people on the various threads I started agree, this was a great idea and, unfortunately, needed.

    I hope Lucas and Lucasfilm catch on to this.

    Thank you lazypadawan, for all your efforts, time and love you put into this site! And, thank you for this site!

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