Clone Wars Debriefing: “Lightsaber Lost”

Slow and steady wins the race…

Everyone’s favorite Togruta padawan stars in this episode where a trip to Coruscant’s crummy Blade Runner-esque neighborhood with Anakin results in getting her lightsaber stolen. When Anakin is nabbing a war profiteer in a bar–I guess Jedi respect local drinking laws–Ahsoka is waiting outside. “Jedi business” starts a stampede out of the club and in the bum’s rush, a fishy-looking alien rips off Ahsoka’s lightsaber. Embarrassed, she keeps it mum when Anakin hauls off the war profiteer (how many of you caught the happy face on the guy’s shoulder?), obviously not knowing the oodles of times Anakin has lost his. Apparently he had passed on the “your lightsaber is your life” mantra. Back at the Temple, Ahsoka goes to the library in hopes of tracking down the guy who stole her lightsaber. She and Jocasta Nu find his mug shot but Jocasta suggests she enlists the help of an elderly Jedi, Tera Sinube, to find the thief. Sinube happens to be in the library, snoring away.

But this is SW and in the GFFA, everyone is far more valuable than they appear. The ol’ geezer goes back to the neighborhood with Ahsoka and they ask around about buying a lightsaber. Their trail leads to the thief, who when he talks, sounds remarkably like Watto. The thief tells them he sold the lightsaber to another guy, and when they find him, he’s slumped on the floor of his home, dead. They encounter a young alien chick named Ione Marcy, who claims she was hiding after she came home and found her friend dead. Ahsoka pokes around in another room and finds there another alien chick, Cassie Cryer, who looks like a cross between Aurra Sing and a Tim Burton character. This one has Ahsoka’s lightsaber and while she couldn’t figure out how to use it right away, she punches Ahsoka and jumps out the window. Ahsoka pursues her. While an exciting chase against a cool urban background occurs, Sinube gently prods the truth out of Ione Marcy but not before putting a homing beacon on her. Once Marcy is smoked out, she flees. Sinube rents a slow speeder bike, picks up Ahsoka stranded on some building, and they head, very slowly, to the local train station. They catch up with the two alien girls. Marcy is quickly arrested, while Cassie hops on the train. Ahsoka pursues her. When Ahsoka corners Cassie, the latter takes a Twi’lek woman and her child hostage, threatening them with the lightsaber. The train stops, Sinube–who must have taken the express–is waiting and he finally opens his can of whoop-butt. His cane has a lightsaber and when he duels with Cassie, Ahsoka is able to get her lightsaber back. Sinube then smacks Cassie with his cane. The episode ends with Ahsoka dropping by Master Yoda’s youngling class, telling the little padawans not to ever lose their lightsabers.

They can’t say this was an episode “just like the OT,” because it’s got AOTC’s fingerprints all over the place. I loved the urban scenes in that film and “Lightsaber Lost” brings back that excitement and visual wonder. Of course, nods to “Blade Runner,” that in turn inspired AOTC, are there as well, such as the noodle shop Ahsoka visits or Cassie Cryer’s “time to die!” The chase scenes were terrific. It looks like Ahsoka has inherited her master’s penchant for free falls and leaping across urban canyons to chase her targets ;). One thing I liked about this episode was the contrast between Ahsoka’s ants-in-her-pants feistiness and Tera Sinube’s more cautioned approach. As an old Jedi, he can’t rely on being action jackson anymore and therefore can only rely on his wits. He’s able to pick up on things his less-patient partner misses.

Where was Anakin all of this time anyway? He must have been off with Padmé or something if Ahsoka was able to vanish for hours without his noticing ;).

Looks like next week kicks off the Mandalorian trilogy. Can’t wait!


3 Responses to “Clone Wars Debriefing: “Lightsaber Lost””

  1. oxward321 Says:

    This Episode dripped of AOTC goodness! I LOVED the whole look and feel. Another great Episode. I loved the old Jedi Tera Sinube, I hope we see more of him.

  2. Tom Says:

    Glad I found your site. I’m obsessed with anything real aliens.

  3. Mike Says:

    The giant video billboard of Palpatine was another good nod to Blade Runner. The slope-sided building that Ahsoka chases Cassie down reminded me of Tyrell corporate HQ.

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