Homework Assignment: Celebration V Survey

The other day, I posted a request for ideas for events and activities at Celebration V…well, it looks like you can fill out a survey at the con’s official site and you may be eligible to win a $25 American Express gift card/cheque.

But if that’s not incentive enough for you, there are questions that will undoubtedly affect how much prequel programming occurs at the convention. Even if you’re not sure if you’re going to go or even if you have no plans to go, it’s important we make sure the PT movies represent adequately at the con!! Here’s a sample of some of the questions:

What guests would you like to see at Star Wars Celebration V?
What activities and special events would you like to see at Star Wars Celebration V?
What don’t you want to see at Star Wars Celebration V?
On a scale from 1-10, please rate the level of importance each of the following has on your decision to attend Star Wars Celebration V…Original Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy, Clone Wars

Unless you want to see a roundtable panel of Who Hates The Prequels The Most, PLEASE go and fill this survey out.

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5 Responses to “Homework Assignment: Celebration V Survey”

  1. oxward321 Says:

    It is done! 😉

  2. maychild Says:

    Done…I put in plenty of prequel love and made it clear that I don’t want to see any bashing of the PT, Hayden Christensen, Jake Lloyd, or George Lucas, nor any glorification of ESB over the rest of the saga.

    I said that I did want to see a panel discussion which talks about how good the PT is, and a tribute to Mr. Lucas.

    I even gave a shout out to SWPAS, when I listed the places where I got my SW news. 😀

  3. oxward321 Says:

    I did the same thing! But, I forgot to mention SWPAS! I am ashamed! Forgive me! Can I take the survey again?

  4. Keith Palmer Says:

    It did take me a while to get my thoughts together, but I made a submission. One note I added, remembering “Saga Journal,” was that it would be interesting to have a panel with an “academic” perspective.

    (I do have to admit I hadn’t had any plans of going before… but I’d certainly be interested in convention reports.)

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