Clone Wars Debriefing: “Legacy of Terror”

Do not put it in your nose…

The third installment of the Geonosis arc finds Luminara Unduli and a red shirt, er, clonetrooper pursuing Poggle the Lesser. Despite Weather Channel warnings of a sandstorm, Luminara stubbornly presses on. Looks like Anakin’s not the only reckless guy in the Jedi Order. Anakin wants to go and help her, but Obi-Wan and Ki-Adi-Mundi tell him they must wait. Luminara and the trooper take shelter in a temple, where Poggle was heading. The trooper doesn’t last very long and Luminara is captured. Unfortunately for her, she lost her lightsaber in the sandstorm. Despite delivering some roundhouse kicks to her buggy captors–who was her master, Chuck Norris?–she is taken away.

Knowing Luminara’s in trouble, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and a fresh batch of red shirts, er, clonetroopers track her down to the temple. From this point on, they are chased around in dark creepy caverns by maurading Geonosians. Anakin figures out that short of decapitation, they’re unstoppable. Obi-Wan explains that they are zombies, part of a hive mind control so powerful, that it can even control the dead. I bet they wish they brought some of those flamethrowers used in “Landing At Point Rain.”

At last, they end up in a huge cavern, the lair of the Geonosian queen. Like any other insect queen, her job consists of plopping out larvae. The queen is big, ugly, ancient, and has a voice that sounds like a combination of Marge Simpson and nails screeching across a chalkboard. She is holding Luminara captive. Anakin wants to go in lightsabers and guns blazing, but Obi-Wan wants to take a different approach to see what the queen wants.

It’s then revealed that the “zombie” Geonosians are being controlled by these green worms that enter through the nose and ear. The queen wants to stick one in Luminara. Anakin has had enough and so has Luminara, but Obi-Wan “wants to see what happens.” (There he goes, using others for his purposes again.) Finally, Obes gives the orders to start shooting and all heck breaks loose. In the end, the Jedi blow up the cavern, ending the queen’s reign.

The creepiest episode to date, I think this was originally meant to be a Halloween episode but somehow the scheduling ended up not working out that way. It vaguely reminded me of “Aliens,” with all of those scenes of people getting picked off as they run through darkened corridors. It was also kind of gross, what with decapitations, squooshing, and yucky worms dangling out of nostrils like long crawling pieces of snot.

Balancing out the horror element is the humor in the script. Not even danger can stop Anakin and Obi-Wan from exchanging banter. My favorite line was Obi-Wan telling Anakin he always thinks with his lightsaber. No, my thinking didn’t go right into the gutter ;). After Obi-Wan whines about Anakin squashing a green worm because he wanted to study it, Anakin quips, “Study the bottom of my boot.” Just as the Geonosians are about to administer the worm to Luminara, Obi-Wan asks, “Do think it’s going in through the ear or the nose?” and a resigned Anakin says, “Through the nose.”

References to the movies are in every CW episode, but I particularly enjoyed Anakin’s, “That can’t be true! That’s impossible!” Heh heh.

I’ve read a few complaints that Obi-Wan was a little out-of-character because he delayed rescuing Luminara, or at least it wasn’t clear why Obi-Wan wanted to go the diplomatic route all of a sudden. I think Obi-Wan is the sort who tries to learn as much as possible before acting and like I’ve said, isn’t above using others for his purposes. He probably figured there was valuable information to store away for later. Anakin, as we all know, simply likes to act and ask questions later.

I’ve also seen a couple of questions on whether the Jedi committed genocide by killing off the only being on Geonosis who reproduces. ladyaeryn thinks it’s likely the Geonosians would have a queen in the wings in case the current one croaks. It’s also possible that there are several active hives with their own queens on Geonosis. Just because the Orkin or Terminix man kills off the ant colony outside of your house doesn’t mean he single-handedly made ants extinct.

The hijinks continue on December 4 (sob!) with the fourth and final part of the Geonosis arc, where the green worms somehow make it onto a ship and one possesses Barriss Offee. She is seen chasing Ahsoka around with a lightsaber. Uh oh! Personally, I’m ready for this arc to be wrapped up. They’ve been terrific episodes but I’m eager to see some characters we haven’t encountered in a while and get some new adventures.


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