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Clone Wars Season 2 Junket

September 23, 2009

Today was Lucasfilm’s junket for the second Clone Wars season. Held at the Big Rock Ranch at Skywalker Ranch, the Clone Wars crew previewed the show’s second season and answered questions from the press. For all of the excitement, head to for a chat with Dave Filoni and George Lucas, the official blog, and photos here.


Talk Like A Pirate Day PT Style

September 20, 2009

TFN’s loathing for the PT is all too frequent but I do like this banner they made for Talk Like A Pirate Day:


Something Of Value On Twitter

September 19, 2009

Usually, most of the Star Wars-related tweets on Twitter are well, garbage. But every now and then some gem surfaces. Here’s “geerfear” on the prequels:

Why is it that most of the CG FX in The Phantom Menace STILL look better than some of the stuff in brand new films, 10 years later?

Ian McDiarmid is fantastic in the ballet scene in Revenge of the Sith. (typos corrected)

That concludes my Week of Star Wars. Still great films all should see. Prequels get a way worse rep than they deserve. Watch em all.

Clone Wars Manga

September 17, 2009

It’s not exactly all-new stuff but if you enjoy collecting Japanese SW adaptations, check these out. As with most Japanese products, it’s not going to be at your local comics shop unless you live in Tokyo. However, I did buy some SW manga that was never published or imported into the U.S. from a year or so ago.

More Clone Wars Tidbits

September 15, 2009

*This week, you can pick up a Clone Commander handbook exclusively at Toys R Us with $30 purchase of SW merchandise.

*Keep a lookout for You Can Draw Clone Wars, the follow-up to the popular You Can Draw Star Wars book.

All Of The New CW T.V. Spots

September 15, 2009

TFN has thoughtfully collected all of the current CW t.v. ads on one page! They’re all awesome!

Star Tours II Updates

September 13, 2009

This is video from yesterday’s presentation at D23. Based on the video and on the subsequent announcement on, Star Tours II will feature more than podracing. It looks like it will feature a variety of locales! Can’t wait to learn more.

Moar Clone Wars Clips

September 13, 2009

I saw on t.v. this morning that prominently features Mace Windu and found three more online. I’ve heard about a fifth new t.v. clip that focuses on Anakin but I’ve yet to see it.

Check out my LiveJournal with links.

Yet Another Clone Wars Trailer

September 13, 2009

Here ya go with #3:

I’ve also heard about a new ad running on Cartoon Network focusing on Anakin. I’m hoping some enterprising soul will load it on YouTube soon.

More On Star Tours II

September 12, 2009

TFN has posted the official press release. Star Tours will be revamped at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. No word on if/when the one at Disneyland Paris will be revamped.

There are two other versions of the poster giveaway at D23 here and here.