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CW Back-To-School Goodies

July 21, 2009

In late July, it’s a little too early about going back to school, but that doesn’t stop retailers from rolling the stuff out now so they can get the Christmas decorations up by Labor Day ;).

Anyway, Target has a new CW backpack featuring, well, clones, and a soft lunchbox that looks pretty much like the ones they sold there last year. The thermoses are still available.


UQS Anakin Skywalker Packaging

July 18, 2009

I have to admit, this Diamond Select Toys Ultimate Quarter Scale figure is hot. I really hope they’ll have it available for sale at Comic Con…if not, Diamond Select Toys’ website has it available for pre-order for $79.95:

Pix of New Gentle Giant Mini-Busts

July 17, 2009 has new pictures of two upcoming mini busts from Gentle Giant: Commander Gree and the lovable battle droid. Go check ’em out!

Finally, some Marc Ecko PT-themed tees and hoodies

July 17, 2009

Well, not that many but it’s a start! has launched its Online Comic Con Shop, where you can pre-order items sold exclusively at Comic Con next week. Sure, you might have to wait a couple of months to get the stuff but if you can’t be there, it’ll be the next best thing!

Anyway, among the new exclusives are more tees and hoodies from Marc Ecko’s Cut & Sew line, which for the first time includes Darth Maul and clonetroopers! Check out this t-shirt, selling for $27.99:

Or this Darth Maul hoodie for $98:

And here’s this clone commander hoodie, also for $98:

Clone Wars Comic out today

July 16, 2009

This new offering from Dark Horse begins a story arc starring Plo Koon and Asajj Ventress. Check your newsstand or your local comics shop!

Anakin and Obi-Wan Entertain Harry Potter Fans

July 16, 2009

I hope ladyaeryn doesn’t mind my passing along what happened at an Oklahoma midnight showing of the latest Harry Potter flick, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

About 40 minutes before showtime, suddenly a guy in a RotS!Obi-Wan costume charges into our auditorium from the right at the same time a guy decked out as RotS!Anakin charges in from the left (both costumes were halfway decent). Both briefly spar with cheap toy lightsabers, then have an exchange along these lines:

Obi-Wan: I’ve failed you, Anakin! I have failed.
Anakin: I should have known that Dumbledore was trying to take over!
Obi-Wan: Anakin, Lord Voldemort is evil!
Anakin: In my opinion, it is Dumbledore who is evil!
Obi-Wan: Then you are lost!

Fierce and surprisingly impressive dueling with aforementioned cheap toy lightsabers ensues, ending in Obi-Wan besting Anakin, who screams “I hate you!” (sounding more like petulant AotC Anakin). The audience roars with laughter. Our two guest entertainers turn to us and join hands and quickly bow to a huge round of applause, then with a hurried thanks rush out of the auditorium.

Those crazy Jedi!

Official CW Season One DVD/Blu-Ray News

July 16, 2009

Lucasfilm has announced that the full CW Season One set will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 3. This will include the entire first season, director’s cuts of seven episodes, featurettes for every episode, and a 64-page book. Blu-Ray customers will also get “The Jedi Temple Archives,” a database with all kinds of info on the show along with production sketches and stuff.

All of this is yours for a very reasonable $44.98 DVD, 60 bucks Blu-Ray. This means of course you can get it from Amazon for $35-50 as a pre-order.

Here’s the press release on TFN.

Small, but cool nonetheless

July 15, 2009

If you’re flying on Southwest Airlines this month, take a gander at the in-flight magazine “Spirit.” In it is an article about the most misquoted movie lines of all time, #1 being the oft-misquoted “Luke, I’m your father.” (The correct line is “No, I am your father.”) The lead into the article said, “It’s bad enough he lost his wife in childbirth.” So, the PT creeps a bit more into the popular culture :).

Custom Mighty Muggs For Charity

July 15, 2009

Several artists have customized blank Mighty Muggs figures (yep, you can buy ’em blank) for auction at this year’s Comic Con. Along with expanded universe/video game characters and movie characters that haven’t been “mugged” yet are some cool PT-related customs, including Aayla Secura and Snowbunny Padmé. See them all here!

PT Hallmark Ornaments

July 14, 2009

Hallmark unleashed most of its 2009 “holiday” ornaments this past Saturday, including most of its Star Wars ones. Right now you can pick up Luke’s landspeeder, Han in stormtrooper armor, and of course, the electronic one featuring the duel of the fates from TPM.

If you want the Clone Wars set with Anakin and Ahsoka, the mini-ornaments won’t be available until October. Hallmark will usually hold out one or two ornaments from a license until Fall.