Yet another fan who gets it

From “Topeka” at the forum:

The build-up to this film was an epic adventure in and of itself: Lynne’s Diaries on the website, the fast food tie-ins, Duel of the Fates, the soda cans, the toys. The teaser trailer that is absolutely perfect, opening slowly with that clouded swamp, then exploding with Johnny Williams’ theme set over the podrace. I don’t think the excitement and anticipation before this film can ever be repeated.

I saw it in ’99 just once. I liked it, but after Episode II was released I sort of dismissed it as the necessary ‘introduction film.’ Looking at it now without critical opinion, I can only admire Lucas’ fight to be entirely independent. He’s not a sellout as some will say. He hasn’t ‘lost touch’ with Star Wars. He has simply made a movie exactly as he wanted it. In his first Star Wars outline, the story is narrated by the padawaan to the revered Jedi-Bendu, Mace Windy. This is the story that Lucas has always wanted to tell. It’s not about flat dialogue and Jar Jar’s antics; it’s about themes, and to appreciate those themes you have to look at Kurosawa’s films, Joseph Campbell’s analysis of mythology, the Republic serials of the 40s and 50s, and Lucas’ mentality after the Vietnam War and dealing with the Hollywood system.

I love Episode I. I think it’s a fantastic story. It’s George Lucas’ story, and it has been a blast to go along for the ride.

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