Ten Years of TPM: The Media Onslaught Begins

By this point, there had already been a bit of a media feeding frenzy when Trailer A debuted in November 1998. But that was nothing compared to the fever pitch that began developing during the spring of 1999. With two months to go before the film’s release, Entertainment Weekly released an issue about the film featuring a new shot of Obi-Wan on the cover on March 26, 1999. According to Anticipation, it became EW’s highest-selling issue for that time.

That Sunday, March 28, 1999, George Lucas sat down for a long interview with Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes about the film (which featured previously-unseen footage) and about his personal life. Personally, I felt a little sorry for Lucas being forced to yap about why he hadn’t remarried ;).

3 Responses to “Ten Years of TPM: The Media Onslaught Begins”

  1. taikwan Says:

    Lesley Stahl came off worst than George. She behaved like a gossip columnist, and a bad one, at that. George was blind-sided by HER need to focus on his private life instead of his film, his saga, his philosophy of film making.

    She was awful.

  2. lazypadawan Says:

    talkwan, I agree, but the worst was Connie Chung when AOTC came out. Oh. My. God.

  3. maychild Says:

    Ugh, Connie Chung was a complete ditz. It was embarrassing.

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