Clone Wars Debriefing: “Defenders Of Peace”

Beware of spoilers:

Still stuck on the planet of Quaker lemurs, Anakin is recovering from his injuries when the Separatists roll into town. Anakin, Ahsoka, Aayla, Bly, and Rex go hide. The leader of the lemurs vow to remain neutral and offer no resistance to their Separatist “visitors.” Leading the droid army is a chubby Neimodian named Lok Durd, a moniker that must have induced much teasing during his school days. Durd dismisses the protests of the lemur leader and tells his army to ransack the place. Maybe he thought the lemurs had some Doritos and Twinkies lying around. The good guys skeddadle and make their way to a big tree, from which they spot the Separatist base. Anakin hopes to rip off one of their shuttles and leave the planet.

But there’s a problem! The Seps have a new experimental weapon, a smart bomb that kills living things but leaves mechanicals standing. The battle droids think this is awesome. They even start waving their arms around, raising the roof. It’s pretty funny. But who better to try such a weapon than on a bunch of insignificant lemurs who won’t even fight back? Durd thinks he will score brownie points with Dooku and get a promotion. After witnessing a demonstration of the weapon, the good guys decide they have to go defend the lemur village even over the objections of their leader. They steal some shielding devices and get to work.

By now some of the lemurs decide it’s time to kick some heinie. Even though Anakin and his pals dispatch a lot of droids, the shielding eventually fails. The lemurs go all Ewok over the remaining Seps, then Anakin captures Durd. Now the lemurs revel in the victory, and now they want to do things like drink beer and watch movies like 300. But the old lemur laments, “at what cost” as Republic ships arrive. Well, you do have to consider that the friendly Republic becomes the unfriendly Empire within a few short years. Did they just unwittingly trade one set of invaders for another? I guess so.

George Takei of Star Trek and Heroes fame did a great job voicing Lok Durd. Since Durd didn’t die, it’s entirely possible we’ll see him again. The battle droids were once again used for effective comedy.

LOL at Anakin’s head bandage. It makes him look like he’s an extra in Olivia Newton John’s “Physical” video circa 1981. He sure seemed to recover quickly, didn’t he? But he’s awesome as he does his heroic thing. I also noticed how much Bly and Rex cared for Anakin, lugging him around when necessary. It foreshadows the mutual respect Vader and his stormtroopers had in the OT.

Ahsoka is still one amazing chick. It’s funny how on’s episode guide, there’s a special note about Ahsoka’s lightsaber casting a shadow on the wall as she chops up clankers, anticipating internet complaints about it.

All in all, a fun exciting episode. I can’t wait for next week as our boys take a trip to a chilly Hoth-like planet.

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