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Clone Wars Debriefing: “The Lair of Grievous”

December 16, 2008

Directed by Atsushi Takeuchi, who directed the anime favorite “Ghost In The Shell” among other works, “Lair” shows us what’s in Grievous’s crib. Unfortunately for Kit Fisto, his padawan Nahdar Vebb, and a few unlucky clonetroopers, we’re not talking about big swimming pools, giant flat screen t.v.s, a game room the size of a Dave & Buster’s, or a fancy car collection. It’s full of traps, a big deadly beast Grievous considers a pet (there’s a funny moment when Grievous calls to the Gor like it’s a dog when he enters the lair), spare Grievous parts, a snarky medical droid, and statues depicting Grievous in his pre-robotic state.

This is perhaps the darkest episode to date. Fisto survives to get impaled in ROTS, but he’s the only one besides his trusty droid to get away. His impetuous padawan lets his anger get the better of him and he makes the mistake of taking on a much more skilled Grievous. The rest of the dark, creepy lair is full of traps that take out the other clonetroopers.

Not to say it doesn’t have its lighter moments. The medical droid has an interesting relationship with Grievous. He puts up with the droid’s sarcasm and its obvious delight in causing Grievous pain. It’s as though he’s Grievous’s only friend besides Gor. What’s also interesting is how Grievous considers his cybernetic limbs an improvement. You can see in the background some statues of Grievous, or his race, in his “before” state. Personally, I think he’s better looking as a cyborg. I also bet the organic Grievous couldn’t crawl around like a cockroach or spin several lightsabers like a Texas twirler either.

But the guy really in control here is Count Dooku. He’s running a chess match, testing his lackey and trying to lure the Jedi to their doom at the same time. I’m glad to see Dooku displeased with Grievous’s failures and demanding he start kicking some @$$ or else. Grievous isn’t terribly cordial with Dooku either, abruptly hanging up on him so to speak. What’s hilarious is at the end of the episode, Grievous tries to pull a fast one on Dooku but then has to fess up to Fisto’s getaway.

The next episode airs on January 2 and this time, it stars The Team!

Clone Wars News

December 13, 2008

Sci-Fi magazine says George “Sulu/Hiro’s Dad” Takei will voice a new character on Clone Wars. Look for that episode in January.

In the meantime, has an interview with Phil Lamarr, who will voice Kit Fisto in tonight’s CW episode. Listen also for Seth Green’s vocal talents. also posted the cover art for Karen Traviss’s upcoming CW novel, due out next year. Right now you can pick up Karen Miller’s new (and first) CW novel.

“Why aren’t you watching Clone Wars?”

December 11, 2008

Not a problem ’round here, but Bryan Young poses this question to his readers and insists that they should make CW a viewing habit:

Here’s an excerpt:

I’m here to tell you it’s passé to dislike the prequels and the Clone Wars cartoons and the great Bearded One. It’s cool again to like Star Wars (though the really cool kids never stopped and never chose between trilogies).

Remember in 1987 and you were out on the playground and none of the other kids understood your deep and gorgeous thirst for Star Wars and somehow thought less of you for it, but you knew you were right? That’s what it’s like all over again, except we’re all older and inherently more geeky. Next year marks the tenth anniversary of Phantom Menace (a sorely underrated classic, no lie) and once again we have a Star Wars cartoon series to sate that dark thirst for more Star Wars.

But instead of Ewoks or Droids, we have Clone Wars.

And it’s something we should be thankful for.

Another year, another SW cake

December 6, 2008

A kid who had a Darth Maul birthday cake last year got a nifty custom Captain Rex cake this year. Click on the Yummy Star Wars ongoing post on TFN and scroll all of the way down.

Papa George on Samuel L. Jackson

December 6, 2008

Here’s what George Lucas had to say about Jackson in a recent interview with

CS: “You’re here in L.A. to pay tribute to Samuel L. Jackson. Of all the actors in Hollywood who would’ve killed to lobby you for a part in the “Star Wars” prequels, why was Sam an actor that you felt fit your plans enough to bring into “Star Wars”?”

Lucas: “To be honest, he’s the only one who asked, actually. He didn’t really lobby for it. He was on a talk show and someone asked him what movie he would’ve liked to be in or that he would like to be in that he hadn’t been in and he said “Star Wars.” So I called him up and said “Is that true? Do you really want to be in ‘Star Wars’?” He said “Yeah – as long as I’m a Jedi,” and I said “Well, I have a little tiny role, but it grows if you’re willing to do the three movies.” He said “I’m in.” It was just like that. He didn’t look at it like “This is a chance to make a whole bunch of money, a chance to do a big thing.” He just did what was asked of him and tried to make it as good as he possibly could.”

PT to air in HD in the U.K.

December 6, 2008

From TFN:

“I have just noticed in the latest issue of a UK TV listings guide, ‘Radio Times’, that ITV’s HD channel on Freesat will be showing the prequels in HD starting this Sunday at 3.50pm with ‘The Phantom Menace’ and for the next two Sundays with Episodes II and III. This is the first time that any Star Wars movie has been shown on a free to view HD channel.

Trust me, you want to watch these movies in HD. They are phenomenal, especially AOTC and ROTS.

I gotta get this figure

December 6, 2008

Diamond Select Toys has produced three quarter-scale SW figures so far and will soon produce a ROTS Anakin one. has posted the head sculpt and it looks amazing! No word on when the completed product goes on sale.

Clone Wars Debriefing: “Cloak of Darkness”

December 6, 2008

The usual spoilers…


Previews, etc. of this week’s Clone Wars

December 4, 2008 has a preview video of this week’s Clone Wars episode, “Cloak of Darkness.” Chicks dominate this time, with Ahsoka and Luminara Unduli battling Asajj Ventress! also has interviews with the episode’s writer, Lost‘s Paul Dini (also of Batman: The Animated Series fame) and the voice of Ahsoka, Ashley Eckstein.

Update: has also posted interviews with actress Olivia D’Abo (Luminara Unduli) and James “Spike” Marsters (traitor no-good Republic soldier), who also participated in “Cloak of Darkness.”

Papa George & Droids Give Samuel L. Jackson Award

December 3, 2008

American Cinematheque held a ceremony honoring Samuel L. “Bad Mo-Fo” Jackson in Hollywood the other night, with George Lucas, Artoo, and Threepio hosting the festivities. Read more about it and see some pix here!

Update: has a “report” on the event by Artoo. See Justin Timberlake with Threepio! AMC will broadcast the ceremony next Tuesday.