Clone Wars Easter Eggs’s Homing Beacon newsletter listed several CW Easter Eggs to look for while watching (or re-watching) the first ten episodes:

In “Ambush,” the aurebesh legend at the bottom of Thire’s macrobinocular viewplate reads “infrared mode”. The top reads “regular mode.”

In “Rising Malevolence,” the second escape pod, Pod 1977, is named after the release year of the original Star Wars.

In “Shadow of Malevolence,” the “Crumb Bomber” — the Republic gunship with the Kowakian monkey lizard illustration on its side — is stationed within the Resolute hangar.

In “Destroy Malevolence,” if you listen carefully to the disembodied rail-jet conductor voice, you’ll note that it advises travelers to “mind the gap.”

In “Rookies,” careful inspection of the backgrounds in the ops section of the tracking station shows some Twi’lek model pinups photos on the work station walls.

In “Downfall of a Droid,” Obi-Wan’s use of the phrase “dime-a-dozen” now reveals that there are dimes in the Star Wars galaxy. The word “dime” means, literally, a tenth, suggesting that a dime is analogous to the previously established “decicred,” worth a tenth of a credit.

In “Duel of the Droids,” the Vulture’s Claw has seats similar in design to those found aboard the Millennium Falcon.

In “Bombad Jedi,” the Kwazel Maw design is based on unused Ralph McQuarrie design for a swamp slug creature on Dagobah.

In “Cloak of Darkness,” the Treadwell droid’s name is another conspicuous appearance of the digits “327.” In Episode IV, the Millennium Falcon is docked in hangar bay 327 aboard the Death Star, while in Episode V, it lands on platform 327 in Cloud City. In Episode I, the Naboo starship is identified as a Nubian J-type 327.

In “Lair of Grievous,” Dave Acord’s vocal performance as A-4D is patterned after the distinctive speaking style of actor/comedian/Hollywood Squares-fixture, the late Paul Lynde.

All of the above is straight out of the newsletter. I’m not that astute ;).

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