Clone Wars Debriefing: “Bombad Jedi”

Spoilers ahoy!

Kevin Rubio of “Troops” and Tag and Bink fame wrote this episode that teamed the two most hapless comic relief characters in the saga: Threepio and Jar Jar. Padmé’s bleeding heart once again gets her into trouble as a Rodian ally who is like an uncle to her sells her out to the Seps, because Rodia is starving and the Republic has blown it off for too long. Hey, a guy’s gotta eat. When the usual heroic characters–Jedi, Artoo, clones–aren’t present to help save the day, it’s up to the effete fraidy cat Threepio and the bumbling Jar Jar. This actually helped kick up the suspense because we have no idea how these characters who have no special powers (except for perhaps Jar Jar’s unusual knack for being clumsy in a fortunate sort of way) are going to pull it off. Threepio is always known for being teamed with Artoo, so it was interesting to see his interaction with Jar Jar. They actually make for a pretty good team. Bonus points for bringing Anthony Daniels and Ahmed Best back to reprise their characters.

Padmé may have a knack for getting captured but she also has a knack for opening cans of whoop@$$. She was amazing, humble, compassionate, sexy and deadly all at the same time. Who knew she was a kung fu artist on top of being an excellent shot? Who knew she was so, um, flexible? Does Kevin have a little crush on Padmé or did Anakin ghost-write the script? In any case, you can see Padmé’s polite yet a bit strained tolerance for Jar Jar but you can also see she genuinely likes him. There’s a running gag about Jar Jar being dead and when Padmé thinks he’s gone, she’s saddened. Although the queen and Naboo’s taxpayers are going to be livid at losing a SECOND royal ship!

A/P fans will LOVE the bit where Jar Jar finds a Jedi cloak on Padmé’s ship and he wonders aloud who it belongs to. Threepio immediately plays dumb. Heh heh, oh the plot bunnies that cloak will inspire!

I also wondered about Padmé’s line on how “Uncle Ono” was her father’s biggest ally in the Senate. I never got the impression that Padmé’s father was in politics at all. It doesn’t necessarily mean Mr. Naberrie was a senator per se, but apparently he was a big enough cheese to have allies in the Galactic Senate. Maybe it has something to do with Pops’ involvement with the refugee problem. (Go read all of this background stuff on Wookieepedia if you have no idea what I’m talking about.)

With the presence of Nute Gunray and Jar Jar, along with Padmé’s girl power heroics and even a big scary monster in the water, this episode felt like a tribute to TPM. The only people missing were Qui-Gon and Darth Maul. Even the theme was simliar: you can find valuable allies anywhere if you’re willing to look and have an open mind.

All in all, a terrific episode.


One Response to “Clone Wars Debriefing: “Bombad Jedi””

  1. oxward321 Says:

    Loved this episode! Hope we see Jar Jar in more.

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