Guess what fell into my hot little hands

As a collector, I love acquiring promotional and press materials. Press kits in particular aren’t that hard to find, especially on eBay, but they are expensive. I remember back in 2003, I saw a guy at Shore Leave–a fan-run Trek/sf con near Baltimore–selling an AOTC press kit for $75. Don’t ask how much an ANH or TESB press kit that’s complete and in mint condition would cost!

So, a few days ago on eBay I spotted someone selling a Clone Wars press kit, which I ended up buying for $55. This being 2008, there’s nothing on printed paper. All of the press material is on a CD, including interviews, bios of the main players, headshots of the voice talent, synopses, and dozens of stills. The kit includes a DVD of the first two televised episodes. Sweet, isn’t it?

Looking through some of the stuff (it’s a slow day at work), I found a couple of synopses of episodes that haven’t aired yet. Wanna see what they are?

The Bothan home planet of Bothawui, never before seen on screen, comes to the forefront as a heroic ally falls prey to the sinister plot of General Grievous, and his friends must fight to rescue him.

Oooh, Bothans! 

Senator Padmé Amidala faces a life-threatening showdown with her nemesis, Separatist Viceroy Nute Gunray, the victim of ultimate deception by the leader of a desperate planet.

This should be very entertaining to watch, heh heh.

Remember no Clone Wars this week, kids. CN is going to run some special Halloween programming instead.


3 Responses to “Guess what fell into my hot little hands”

  1. oxward321 Says:

    I’m liking the sounds on those! Does it say when they should air?

  2. lazypadawan Says:


  3. ladyaeryn Says:

    I’d bet money the “heroic ally” is Artoo – for some reason I remember his name coming up in connection to Bothawui somewhere, maybe in the Visual Guide. And I think the Padme episode is a couple of weeks after that.

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