Clone Wars Debriefing: “Destroy Malevolence”

Simply put, best episode so far.

This time Padmé is tricked into thinking she’s going to secretly meet with some banking clan guy in hopes of settling the war. But instead she is sent right into Grievous’s clutches to be used as a hostage. (One has to wonder if Padmé got the slightest bit suspicious of Palpatine for sending her into a trap.) The Republic is still pursuing Grievous’s damaged ship Malevolence, so imagine Anakin’s surprise to see his sweetie right in the middle of a big space battle. Padmé’s ship is sucked into Malevolence by a tractor beam. She insists they continue the attack, but we all know Anakin’s having none of that. He brings Obi-Wan and Artoo along to rescue Padmé, while Ahsoka and Plo Koon remain on the Republic ship. Obi-Wan soooo knows something’s going on between Anakin and Padmé ;). Given what Plo Koon says (“there he goes again, craving adventure and excitement”), he probably suspects something too.

What results are chases, lightsaber action, snark, battle droid hijinks, ‘splosions, and a little romance. If you ask me, the best thing about this episode is that it feels the most like the actual prequel films due to the reunion of the PT 3 plus Artoo and Threepio. Thankfully Padmé is no passive hostage; she booby traps her ship so that it takes out some battle droids and almost gets Grievous. I’m sure the Queen and Naboo’s taxpayers will totally understand, Padmé ;). She and Anakin reunite and it’s OTP love all the way. Bonus points for the Tunnel of Love imagery. Looking at it another way, it could also be a sly reference to Alfred Hitchcock’s use of trains going into tunnels to represent other activity, heh heh. Curse you Obi-Wan for interrupting their kiss, though! Anakin and Padmé have another great scene on the bridge as Anakin booby traps the Malevolence. These two rock at sabotage, don’t they? I’m not sure which repartee I like more….”Oh the things you do to get me alone/Stop talking” or “Ever since I’ve known you you’ve been playing with droids/I used to put them together. Now I only take them apart.”

Meanwhile, Obi-Wan just kicks all kinds of butt in the action department. He’s amazing as he fights off clankers and Grievous. Notice his encounter with Grievous is a reversal of their fight on Utapau in ROTS. Love the little salute he gives Grievous when he gets away.

Of course, it’s always nice to see Artoo and Threepio together again.

The interior shots of the Malevolence, especially the rail system, are awesome! Anyone else catch the voice that says “mind the gap” as Grievous steps off one of the trains?

Interesting that Grievous cuts off Dooku and runs away while the Malevolence is clearly about to be destroyed. What happens with Dooku then? How does Grievous get back in Dooku’s good graces?


2 Responses to “Clone Wars Debriefing: “Destroy Malevolence””

  1. Tony (TPF1138) Ferris Says:

    I really love reading your Clone Wars reviews, and your blog overall. In a world where there is so much negativity towards Star Wars, and particularly the prequels (though not as much as we might be led to believe), the positivity and sense of celebration you put across is very pleasant.

    I loved this last episode as well, for the same reasons you did, particularly Obi-Wan’s dry cool, and can’t wait for more.

  2. lazypadawan Says:


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