Celebrate Halloween SW Style

Halloween is little over two weeks away, but it’s not too late to celebrate SW style! Aside from the many classic/Imperial trilogy era costumes out there (Vader, Leia, etc. remain perennial favorites), you can also find new Clone Wars costumes for kids and adults:

I don’t know if the orange makeup is included.

You can still order from ShopStarWars.com and get rush delivery in time for the holiday.

As pointed out in a previous post, there are sexy costumes for the ladies this year, including the Padme tighty-whitie from AOTC.

If all else fails and you can’t find what you want in the stores or at shopstarwars.com, check online costume shops that likely still have older costumes available or check eBay. I find plenty of commercial and fan-made costumes and costume accessories for sale.

Trick or treaters can buy a Vader trick or treat bucket at Wal Mart. If you want something bigger, poke around eBay or Etsy to see if anyone has made bags from SW fabric. If you’re really creative, buy some SW fabric and make a bag yourself!

Or, just use a SW pillowcase…you can find those on eBay too.

Now for home décor! Target has a new Clone Wars pumpkin carving kit that comes with tools and stencils to make some cool designs. You can also find stencils on the internet for other SW designs.

Why stick with the usual witches, cats, ghosts, and bats to decorate your home? Gather up all of your SW baddies in your collection and make a Sithly-good display instead. Make it extra creepy with cheapo fake spiderwebs or light your display with candles. Make mini posters of past ILM Halloween party invitations (this year’s is a vampiric Princess Leia) by printing them up and displaying them. Keep an eye out too on starwars.com/kids or darthcraftsy on LiveJournal for more interesting ideas.

Every year since 2005, starwars.com has made available a creepy soundtrack perfect to scare trick or treaters SW-style. I’m guessing they will post it again this year.

There will be a Clone Wars episode on Halloween this year and I believe it will be the highly-anticipated “The Lair of Grievous.” Bwahahaha!

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