Great quote from author Karen Miller

Karen Miller, who is penning some Clone Wars novels, had this to say about the PT:

I’m beside myself. Terrified, as I say, because as a fan myself I know just how passionate and dedicated and protective fans are about Star Wars. But so happy. Especially since I’m playing in the prequel era, and I really love that era. I love the nobility and the tragedy and angst and the foreshadowed doom of the last days … which probably says I’m a whacko broad, but there you are. I know there are people who love to groan and complain about the prequel films, but I honestly enjoy them. There’s so much wonderful character work in there. To me, they’ve been a great gift.

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2 Responses to “Great quote from author Karen Miller”

  1. ladyaeryn Says:

    Wow, she sounds kind of awesome. *g* I may have to pick up one of her books.

  2. oxward321 Says:

    Great gift INDEED! I’ll have too pick up a book from her.

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