Interesting factoids about the ‘Twilight’ from CW

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Stranded in a B’omarr monastery on Teth and cut off from his troops, Anakin Skywalker looks to a neighboring spire for a means of escape and finds it in an unlikely clunker of a starship, the Twilight. Ahsoka Tano makes short work of the enemy droids loading the ship, and the Jedi heroes soon blast off to continue their mission in the feature film, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Although we witness the ship ditch on Tatooine, we have not seen the last of the Twilight. Anakin presumably scares off the overzealous Jawas and reclaims the ship, and it becomes something of a hobby for him throughout The Clone Wars television series, an unofficial, unaffiliated ship he can use on “errands” not part of his Republic orders.

Fans have speculated on the Twilight’s origins since images of the ship first appeared at 2007’s Celebration IV convention. Its folding lower foil and lateral crossbeam remind many of a B-wing fighter. Its behind-the-scenes design origins, however, only stretch back to Episode III. Director Dave Filoni describes the Twilight as being taken from abandoned Erik Tiemens designs for a Coruscant firefighting ship.

There is an older connection the Twilight holds that dates back all the way to 1977, to the original A New Hope. As a beat up old spice freighter, the Twilight is the kernel of truth to Uncle Owen’s lie about Anakin. Luke Skywalker’s father was indeed a navigator on a spice freighter… from a certain point of view.

I’ll be interested to see what secret missions Anakin goes on!


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