PT Daily Awesome 8/28

Jedi Bait

Padmé’s va-va-va-voom leather black corset and skirt is not only the equivalent of waving a raw steak in front of a hungry rancor, it’s also very fashionable. One of my favorite costumes from the entire series.


3 Responses to “PT Daily Awesome 8/28”

  1. Simon Maxwell Says:

    Yes, a great costume. Did you see the lovely print that Jason Palmer created for Celebration Europe, which featured every costume worn by Padmé in the prequels? I was lucky enough to buy a copy while it was still in stock at The print and the companion sketchbook do turn up on ebay. In fact, a seller called ‘honestgrader’ seems to have been selling a few copies of the print and book recently.

    How is it that Trisha Biggar received not a single Oscar nomination for her work on the prequels? When you look at the costumes she designed for the films, does that make any sense to anyone?

  2. oxward321 Says:

    Nope, that doesn’t make ANY sense!

    I love the costume’s design for the PT.

    That right there tells me they have it out for Lucas. Never mind the fact that Sith didn’t even get nominated for it’s FX, COME ON! How can you even dispute that? Just another example of how UNDER appreciated Lucas/PT is within the media. I shake my in disgust.

  3. lazypadawan Says:

    Snubbing Biggar has never made any sense to me either. It’s really unfortunate.

    Not only have I seen Jason Palmer’s print, I have it up on my bedroom wall! I absolutely love it.

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