PT Daily Awesome 8/27

The Naboo N-1 Fighter

The most elegant starfighter in the SW saga, it represented the aesthetically-conscious Naboo culture and the pre-Imperial appreciation for beauty. I saw one of the life-sized models at the Smithsonian during a short exhibit in 2001. It was pretty cool, although I was amazed to learn the shiny stuff on the nacelles was actually regular aluminum foil!


One Response to “PT Daily Awesome 8/27”

  1. Simon Maxwell Says:

    Yeah, I love the N1 fighter. A great design. I’ve seen a life-size fighter on two separate occasions at exhibitions in London. Very impressive. I remember seeing a production painting of several N1s (by Doug Chiang, I think) before The Phantom Menace’s release and thinking what a beautiful painting it was.

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