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Fans who get it

February 6, 2008

Not specifically about the PT, but a great sentiment nonetheless from sithbozo on the’s message board:

Star Wars is for humans. Period.

Women are humans, men are humans. Star Wars is for people.

And Star Wars is not for geeks either. It’s for people who are looking for an interesting, original story, that takes advantage of the vastness of human imagination. The characters are deep, the story is revolutionary, and the…action is just the icing on the cake.

Clone Wars T.V. Watch: Yet More News and Rumors

February 5, 2008 posted the sexy new packaging for its line of Clone Wars toys, due to invade your toy store in late July:

Over the weekend, British site Jedi News had a report from UK ToyFair that included this tidbit about a possible theatrical release:

The LEGO Rep let us into a few spoilers including the fact there will indeed be a feature release in early September here in the UK (a couple of weeks earlier in the US)

The report also has some spoilers and the guy got to see about 8 minutes’ worth of one of the episodes.

Finally, AICN posted a rumor about four episodes instead of three being bundled for theatrical release, but this rumor puts the release date around the time Indiana Jones comes out. Frankly, I’m not buying a May release date. August or September sounds more realistic:

Clone Wars T.V. Watch: More News

February 2, 2008

Hat tip to TragicLove for all for all of the info!

Here’s a summary of an upcoming Nintendo game based on the show. There’s a little bit more insight into Ahsoka’s relationship with Anakin and a cool concept painting. There might be spoilers in that summary, so beware!

This blog post at discusses confirmation at the ToyFair UK from different licensees that the first three episodes of CW will be bundled and released in theaters both in the U.S. and in the UK in September.

Check out here Indiana Jones and CW LEGO sets on display at ToyFair UK.