Fans who get it

Posted by amidalooine on her blog:

What a beautiful film ROTS is…visually stunning and emotionally heart-wrenching. Lost love. Brothers torn apart by sinister forces beyond their control. The pain wrought by mistrust. Betrayal. When I allow myself to get lost in its story, as I did on Sunday, I hurt at the loss of love and feel isolated by the hate that rips the Light apart. It hurts so good; I love this film.


3 Responses to “Fans who get it”

  1. maychild Says:

    ROTS isn’t my favorite of the prequels (TPM is), but I certainly understand the “hurts so good” viewpoint, as well as the person who said they had to be in a certain mood to watch it. I remarked some time before ROTS came out that a person had to be an angstpuppy in order to be a fan of Anakin/Padmé as a couple, because you know going into the relationship that it’s doomed.

    (Unless, of course, you’re a complete SW “virgin” and do not know via cultural osmosis that Anakin becomes Darth Vader, etc. Such people are rare, but they do exist, like the person who, during the podrace in TPM, asked her viewing companion, “Does Anakin survive this podrace?”)

    Anyway…I’ve noticed that quite a few SW fans are angstpuppies, particularly those who name ESB and/or ROTS as the best movies in the series. Some of them scorn the other episodes as “too happy,” though for the life of me I cannot fathom why anyone would call AOTC or ROTJ “happy,” and TPM may seem happy on the surface, but it’s most assuredly NOT happy if you look a couple of layers down — even the “victory” at the end is Pyrrhic. ANH is probably the most lighthearted SW movie, because it was consciously designed to be a “stand-alone” story in which the good guys win, thus Lucas could leave it to itself if it didn’t make enough money to justify a series.

  2. Anne Says:

    I agree with all the thematic and emotional reasons cited by Amidalooine, above.

    And I am one of those gloom fans who like ESB best of the OT.

    But of the prequels, AOTC is my favorite. The annoying little kid (Jack Lloyd) has blessedly turned into the poignantly teenaged Hayden Christensen, who despite the haters out there did an amazing job with this troubled, pivotal character in transition — setting up ROTS beautifully. AOTC introduced fabulous new locations and creatures, a bangin’ colosseum scene, and the emergence of Palpatine as the puppetmaster behind the entire SW series. Ewan McGregor nailed the young but now more mature Obi-Wan and had some fun with the character, as well (cantina scene and “death sticks” bit, for example).

    I went to see AOTC 13 times in the cinema, twice in IMAX, and watched at least that many times at home once the DVD came out. Spectacular, Mr. Lucas.

  3. maychild Says:

    Anakin in TPM was played by Jake Lloyd, not “Jack Lloyd.”

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