Darth Media on the move again

When I started SWPAS, I wanted to focus on the positive things about the movies than dwell on what critics had to say about it.

After almost 10 years of unfair and mean-spirited slams against the PT, there are two things you can count on:

1. Entertainment Weekly finding every excuse to knock them. If they came up with The 18 Worst Christian Films of all time, they will find a way to somehow beat up on Jar Jar on that list.

2. Any article about SW will somehow find ink to bring up a completely irrelevant dig at TPM and AOTC.

First of all, EW comes up with a random list of films with the “worst dialogue” of all time and it decided to target ROTS. Yes, ROTS. You know, the one the cognosceti said was the “good” or “acceptable” PT film. It’s par for the course with EW, but I was terribly disappointed to see it highlighted on The Official Star Wars blog. Just as I’d been reassured privately that Lucasfilm treats the PT with respect and love, stuff like this makes me wonder again.

Then there is an article in the current “Hollywood” issue of Vanity Fair about the upcoming video game, The Force Unleashed. It had this line: Full of action and epic Force wielding, and largely free of the plot convolutions that made parts of Episode I and Episode II go down like big bowls of bran flakes, The Force Unleashed sounds like a video game that could easily have been a movie. It was completely unnecessary to slam the films in this context. Take out the phrase about plot convolusions and the sentence still makes the point that it’s as good as a movie. (Of course, we know that SW is much more than action and tossing characters.) It’s disappointing to say the least, given VF’s positive coverage of the PT and the fact that those PT covers made VF loads of money.


2 Responses to “Darth Media on the move again”

  1. maychild Says:

    Cross-posted from my reply to your LJ:

    Oh, VF has never been PT-friendly, save for the cover stories about each prequel. And even the AOTC article said something about TPM getting a “cold reception” from fans.

    VF, in an article about Jude Law, made a reference to his friend Ewan McGregor and dragged a TPM-dis into it — something about how Law should be grateful that he wasn’t the one that got roped into “George Lucas’s horrible Episode 1.”

    Then there’s the Natalie Portman article a couple of years ago, in which Ms. Portman claimed that no one thought she could act because of those prequels, and contained several snipes at the dialogue and how Portman was “forced to create chemistry with a 9-year-old.”

    VF wasn’t all that friendly toward the OT, either. A cover story on Harrison Ford circa 1990 sneered at and dismissed the idea that SW played any part in his road to stardom. The same issue featured an interview with Carrie Fisher, interestingly enough, and SW was similarly treated in that article as if it was contaminated.

  2. oxward321 Says:

    The only thing EW is good for is, if you run out of toilet paper!

    It does make me sad that the Official site would post such rubbish!

    In my opinion I think Star Wars/Lucasfilm should break off all there ties EW. They use Star Wars on it’s cover to sell there rags, then rip Lucas and Star Wars apart inside.


    They’re not worthy to clean up the bathrooms at Skywalker Ranch.

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