Cool, but pricey collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles has produced a series of huge dioramas based on the classic duels from the PT. Last year, Sideshow released a diorama featuring Anakin and Obi-Wan’s duel from ROTS. Unfortunately, it’s sold out.

However, a diorama based on Count Dooku’s famous duel with Yoda from AOTC is available on a Wait List basis for $199.99:


And you can order right now this awesome diorama commemorating Darth Maul’s duel with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan for $299.99:



6 Responses to “Cool, but pricey collectibles”

  1. oxward321 Says:

    “a diorama featuring Anakin and Obi-Wan’s duel from ROTS. Unfortunately, it’s sold out.”

    It’s still available at Star Wars shop:;category_id=394;pcid1=;pcid2=

    I have the Yoda/Dooku on pre-order. I recently received my first sideshow piece, the Alien diorama, let me tell ya, WOW this thing is FREAKIN’ AEWSOME!!! After seeing that, I really can’t wait to get the Yoda/Dooku! Word to the wise, they also seem to be selling out, fast!

    I might have to sell my body for scientific experiments, but DAMN IT! I will get up the $$$ for the Duel of the Fates!!!!!!

    Oh yes, it will be mine.

  2. maychild Says:

    Oh, those are cool, but definitely for people who have money to burn — a group that does not include me.

  3. oxward321 Says:

    “a group that does not include me.”

    I hear ya, I’m in that group too. I’ve been selling stuff on ebay to cover the cost of these. It’s the only way I can buy anything this pricey. I’ve sold enough to pay for my Alien diorama & Tusken Raider Bust. I’m still a little short on the Yoda/Dooku, I still got a month to come up with rest.

    I’m lucky that I still have some vintage Star Wars stuff, I’ve sold some to cover the cost. There are A LOT of vintage things I couldn’t part with, sentimental value, but just a few things, that mommy and daddy bought for me 30 years ago, have gone a long way. As cool as all that old stuff is, it just doesn’t compare to all the Gentle Giant/Sideshow/Medicom collectibles out there.

    So if you have anything lying around the house, vintage Star Wars or some else it might be worth putting it up on ebay. If anyone is interested in acquiring the funds for these cool collectibles. Just a little friendly suggestion.

    Speaking of Medicom (I don’t have anything from them, but I’ve seen enough of there dolls to know how cool they are) check out the Attack of the Clones, Clone trooper coming out, scroll down the page for better pics:

  4. maychild Says:

    Unfortunately, I’ve never been much of a collector when it comes to SW — I’ve made some exceptions when the item looked cool enough (i.e., these dioramas). But I don’t have any vintage stuff I could sell.

  5. lazypadawan Says:

    Medicom’s stuff is amazing. Expensive, but amazing.

  6. oxward321 Says:

    I have a credit card with a $300 limit that I use for fun things, so when I sell stuff the money goes right back on the card. It’s only $300, so I can’t cause too much damage. At least thats what I like to think.

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