PT Friendly Site: Fit For A Queen

Online since 2002, Fit For A Queen was originally set up as a site to celebrate Padmé’s varied wardrobe but now has features on other characters, particularly the female ones. Fit For A Queen has photos, fan art, news, and other fun features, including a Skywalker family tree that even includes expanded universe characters. Go check it out here:


3 Responses to “PT Friendly Site: Fit For A Queen”

  1. Simon Maxwell Says:

    There was a lovely print by Jason Palmer (available at Celebration Europe, although may have been available at Celebration IV too) which featured every single outfit worn by Padmé in the films. It was available a couple of months back at, but unfortunately it sold out after a couple of weeks.

  2. Simon Maxwell Says:

    Oops. Sorry for the duplicate comment. When I posted the comment the first time, I was told there was an error and that I should post again or refresh or something. I did, but clearly the first comment got through after all. Feel free to delete the duplicate comment, and this comment too. 🙂

  3. lazypadawan Says:

    I have that print. It’s amazing!

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