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Ahsoka’s Hero Journey

October 10, 2014

One Saga has a new essay about Ahsoka’s hero journey on Clone Wars.

Through Ahsoka’s growth as a character we see her following the classic mythological pattern of the hero’s journey. Her path is one of transition from childhood to early adolescence, early adolescence to young adult, and young adult to woman. The journey is fraught with danger and excitement, and intense testing and trials, with Ahsoka being forced to embrace adult decisions and living with the consequences of them… She’s one of my favorite characters from the entire Saga.

Well, she is for my money the greatest Star Wars character never to have appeared in a Star Wars movie, so do check it out.

Meta On Vader/Anakin and Leia

July 25, 2014

Becca is back with more meta, this time at The Cantina Cast about her theories on if/when Vader recognized Leia as his daughter:

There’s a moment of placidity, a brief connection, or dare I say it, an emotional link joining Vader and Leia. The man behind the mask stares relentlessly at the distressed and trembling Princess, causing her to falter as she takes a step back. Garbed in white, almost reminiscent of someone he once knew, no, not possible. That was somebody else’s life, or quite possibly a dream, no, a reoccurring nightmare; “You are in my very soul, tormenting me…”-Anakin Skywalker

A Terrific Obi-Wan Essay

July 21, 2014

As long as we’re on an Obi-Wan kick today, Becca at Coffee With Kenobi posted To Exist Is To Endure, a look at Obi-Wan’s character arc.

This reminds me so much of the scene in ROTS, where Obi-Wan hands the infant Luke to his adoptive family; Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. As he does this, he relinquishes his role as teacher and resumes his former place as the learner. After all, this is what he prefers, is it not? He’s an impeccable warrior, who’d rather not fight. A mediator that has remained unrivaled throughout the war and quite frankly, would be more inclined to sit alone in a quiet cave and meditate. Ironically enough, that is exactly what he does over the next twenty years of his life, hence the name; Jedi Hermit.

Defending Hayden In ROTJ

July 8, 2014

Star Wars Report posted a great defense of adding the younger Anakin to the end of ROTJ.

Having the Hayden Christensen Anakin as a Force ghost shows us the depth and completeness of Anakin’s redemption. In my mind it also helps to reinforce the fact that Anakin Skywalker, not Luke, is the Chosen One. Here is how I see it.

Having the old Anakin as the Force ghost gives me the impression of “Hey you were a good person who turned horribly evil but decided to become good on your deathbed for all the right reasons and here is your reward.” Maybe that’s a slightly cynical look at it but it really feels like old Anakin is a ghost only because he turned to the light side and Luke forgave him right there. Not that I’m saying that was a bad thing but it seems a bit limited.

With the Hayden Christensen Force ghost we see Anakin as he was BEFORE his fall to the dark side. This is key because that shows me the full extent of his redemption. Not only did Luke forgive Anakin but it appears the Force did as well. Anakin fell to the dark side, abandoned his calling of being the Chosen One, and committed horrible acts in the name of his master. But at the very end of it all when Anakin rises up in Vader, saves his son, and kills the emperor he returned to the light side and fulfilled his destiny as the Chosen One. With the young Anakin ghost we see that his redemption wasn’t just for his last moments of life. Anakin’s redemption was full and complete, covering everything that he ever did.

An Interesting Look At The Gungans

July 3, 2014

Over at Star Wars Report is a piece called “Gungans Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em,” but the post itself is really a summary about the Gungans and their culture. I guess there are more parts coming. Go check it out.

Meta: Padmé’s Prayer

June 21, 2014

The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Facebook page linked to an interesting meta by Becca at Coffee With Kenobi on how a scene in ROTS hit home for her.

Paper Comparing Anakin and Othello

May 30, 2014

While poking around, I came across this paper on the Lone Star College website, which compares Shakespearian tragic hero Othello with Anakin, particularly in ROTS. I don’t agree with all of his points, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Some Older Pro-PT Reading

May 29, 2014

I’d missed Furious Fanboys’ May 19 post on 5 Reasons Why The Star Wars Prequels Won’t Be Retconned Or Remade (and thanks to Cedric Troissou on FB for indirectly linking to it through another FF story on Jurassic World).

Then a comment on the 5/19 post led me to this older piece from 2011 called I Love The Phantom Menace.

Another Interesting Perspective On TPM

May 28, 2014

Eddie had retweeted this post on Galactic Hunter, which is a collectors’ site, about 15 years of TPM.

I wouldn’t say it’s a ringing endorsement of the film but it does point out what it did for fandom and making Star Wars valuable enough for Disney to buy it.

Another Thoughtful Piece Of Meta/Tribute

May 25, 2014

Check out rhodanum’s meta/tribute to TPM and young Anakin in particular on Tumblr. rhodanum adds: Hello there. I’m a fellow Star Wars fan and Prequel-era lover from Eastern Europe writing in, with some tributes that might be fitting for the Prequel Appreciation Society.

I’m sending these in late because I’m a scatter-brained fool, but better later than never, right? They’re a tribute to The Phantom Menace I wrote in a comment for a Clube Jade post and an expansion on that one that turned into a tribute/defense of Anakin Skywalker’s age and characterization in TPM. They’re very specific to my own experiences with Star Wars — a younger fan who fell in love with the saga after watching TPM in cinemas as young child and found solace in Star Wars during very troubled times — but I feel that others would enjoy reading them, especially after all the negativity and the utter lack of respect for fellow fans that’s plagued this fandom lately. If I can bring a smile to the face of anyone who’s been made to feel absolutely wretched by certain unmentionable parts of this fanbase, then I’ll have reached my goal.

If there’s any message that I want to send to others who love Star Wars as a whole, that’s the fact that we’re not as few or as scattered as some parts of this fandom would have us believe.


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