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Old Goofy Prequel Casting Rumors

July 22, 2014

Remember when the rumor mill claimed that Charlton Heston was going to play a Jedi Master, Kenneth Branagh was a shoo-in as Obi-Wan, and Kate Winslet, hot off of “Titanic,” was going to play…somebody? I sure do.

The Jedi News Facebook page forwarded a post on the Galaxy of Toys Podcast’s page featuring a screen cap of a page from Cinescape’s October 1998 issue. By then we all knew who was in TPM, so this sidebar was a look at the rumors that didn’t pan out. LeAnn Rimes?! Who the hell thought that? Supershadow?

Goes to show you, rumors aren’t always right! (I’m looking at you, The Hand Of Luke!)

Great Scenes Of The Prequel Trilogy: He Has Become A Very Great Threat

July 21, 2014


One of my favorite, albeit gut-wrenching, scenes in ROTS is this one where Obi-Wan confronts Padmé in an attempt to find where Anakin went after his massacre at the Jedi Temple. The relationship between these two has been an odd one; they both love the same guy in different ways and yet they are on eggshells around each other because of the huge unspoken bantha in the room. But now it’s time to crack those eggshells because Anakin is a Sith on the loose.

It’s hard not to feel sorry for Obi-Wan in this scene. It’s not bad enough that he has just realized Anakin has joined the enemy and helped kill scores of Jedi. Or that the Emperor was playing him and everyone else all along. But now he has to tell this horrible truth to Padmé in the hopes her own conscience would be shocked enough to give Obi-Wan the information he needs, because he instinctively understands Anakin would’ve confided in her.

But Obi-Wan underestimates Padmé and just how conflicted she is. She cannot bring herself to believe what Obi-Wan is telling her because in spite of whatever doubts or concerns she might have about Anakin, she still believes in Anakin’s goodness. And of course, she wants to protect the father of her child(ren). Especially when she realizes what Obi-Wan wants to do: “You’re going to kill him, aren’t you?”

If this isn’t dramatic enough, as Obi-Wan realizes Padmé isn’t going to snitch on Anakin, he decides to break the one last unspoken secret between them. “Anakin is the father, isn’t he?” Padmé doesn’t answer, but it’s all over her face. “I’m so sorry.” Prior to seeing this film, I had pictured a more Jerry Springer-esque reaction from Obi-Wan once he discovered Padmé’s pregnancy. Eyes bulging, mouth hanging open, spitting out whatever he’d been drinking, a full-on freakout. But here, it is less Obi-Wan discovering the extent of Padmé and Anakin’s relationship as it is sorrowfully revealing he’d known what was happening all along. And I suppose at this point, knocking up a Senator is the least of Anakin’s transgressions.

Tragically this scene sets into motion Padmé’s sad fate because she is inspired to go find Anakin before Obi-Wan does.

Three things sell this scene: John Williams’s mournful score, Ewan McGregor, and Natalie Portman. It demonstrates why it was a great idea to bring in actors best known for indie flicks and dramas because when it comes time to do these sorts of scenes, they’re the kind who can deliver. The only two of the main actors to appear in all of the prequels, they finally get the opportunity to play off of one another that isn’t an action scene. I thought Ewan approached it with a mix of gentleness, concern, and urgency while Natalie’s Padme was heartbreakingly vulnerable. She’s still trying to be strong as everything is falling down around her, but the cracks are coming off of the armor.

Think The Olsen Twins Watched AOTC Lately?

July 18, 2014

Actresses turned brand turned fashion designers Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen designed a wedding dress for stylist Molly Fishkin. Even though the Olsens’ design is lacier and has bell sleeves, I couldn’t help but think it resembles Padmé’s wedding dress from AOTC:

Reminder: Rules of the House

July 16, 2014

A reminder to read the Rules of the House, especially if you’re new to the site.

Also bear in mind that unless you comment here all of the time and your comments are generally approved, every comment is moderated. Anyone who violates the Rules of the House can be put back on moderation or banned.

Flashback Friday: May July 4th Be With You

July 4, 2014


When ROTS was still playing in theaters during the July 4th holiday weekend in 2005, Fox offered a sweet deal to moviegoers who either wanted to take in another viewing or were dragging their feet to see it, particularly families. If you bought three tickets, you got one free. They even whipped up this special poster/ad to promote the occasion.

Find SWPAS At!

July 1, 2014

A link to SWPAS anyway.

As you might have noticed, star got a makeover and relaunched today.

Head on over to the Community page and scroll down to the Fan News and Blogs section, where you’ll find the fancy linky thing to this site.

It looks like you’ll have to sign on with Disney ID, which you’ll already have if you’ve registered on any Disney, ESPN, ABC, etc. site in the past.

Guardians of the Galaxy/PT Trailer Spoof

June 28, 2014

A few weeks ago, there was a spoof of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” trailer with the first set of Star Wars films. Now there’s a prequel version, which aside from a couple of eye-rolling Jar Jar jokes, surprisingly avoids beating up on them as a whole.

(If you ask me, these things are spoofs of typical Hollywood trailers. We’ve gone from “in a world where…” to this kind of thing.)

Flashback Friday: “The Saga Begins” Live

June 27, 2014

Weird Al Yankovic scored big with his musical retelling of TPM “The Saga Begins” in 1999 and it’s been part of his act since. Usually he performs it with his other Star Wars hit, “Yoda” and since his 1999 tour, he and his band usually put on Jedi robes during that segment of the show.

I picked this live performance from 2013 for the following reasons: 1. It’s in Columbia, MO, where I spent four years of my existence while attending the University of Missouri. 2. It was at an event put on by famed venue The Blue Note, where I saw many a show and attended many a dance party at its old location and its current location. Oh the stories I could tell. I saw The Red Hot Chili Peppers there months after Hillel Slovak died and they’d just recruited John Frusciante to replace him; back then Frusciante was a skinny mohawked kid. I also saw Chris & Cosey (still the weirdest show I’d ever seen), KMFDM, Fugazi, Dread Zeppelin, The Ocean Blue, The Mighty Lemon Drops, The Cramps, Special Beat (which was members of The Specials and English Beat), and lots of never heard of ‘em bands, including one time when I accidentally showed up for a Grateful Dead cover band show. Once Club MTV did a college tour there where two lucky winners got flown out to New York to be on the show. No, I wasn’t one of them.

Anyway, what’s great about this outdoor performance is the audience singing along. You probably will too:

Open Thread: A Director For Eps VIII and IX?

June 20, 2014

It’s all but official, but the trades and other showbiz media are saying that “Looper” director Rian Johnson will direct Eps VIII and possibly IX (he’s at least writing the treatment for that one).

On the one hand, picking a not-so-obvious hungry up-and-coming talent is more or less what I’d hoped for all along. On the other hand, is this yet another prequel-hating Lucas-bashing hate boy or is this a real saga fan? And since we’re up to the fourth announced post-Lucas Star Wars director, are they all going to be nerdy white dudes?

It also raises the question, why is Abrams now One ‘n Done? Was it because he didn’t want to spend the next few years of his life in Ol’ Blighty? Supposedly he didn’t want to film in the UK and almost bailed because of it. Was it because he didn’t think he could stay on Disney’s breakneck pace or didn’t want to? Did Disney think he was too much trouble? Or was the plan to kick off the trilogy with a director who had a solid track record and then hand it off to newer talent? I think this might have been in the works for a while, so I don’t think it’s because Harrison Ford had his leg broken.

Flashback Friday: Midnight Madness 1999

June 20, 2014

There are a lot of news reports out there about the first Midnight Madness in 1999 that heralded the release of TPM-related merchandise. This one in particular comes from a small town in Florida, where locals set upon their Toys R Us. I’ll never forget the Midnight Madness at the Tysons Corner TRU, particularly the way people grabbed action figures off the pegs like piranhas picking flesh off of a carcass.


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