TPM Alum Gets Award For Box Office Bank

Who knew you get some kind of award if you star in a movie that breaks a billion worldwide? From Jake Lloyd’s Facebook page:

Received an award in the mail today… It was for being in a movie that grossed over a billion dollars in the Box Office. So congrats to everyone who worked on Ep. I! Thought that was kinda neat.

So if Liam, Ewan, Natalie, and George, etc. are reading this (right), check your mailboxes!

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8 Responses to “TPM Alum Gets Award For Box Office Bank”

  1. M. Marshall Says:

    Who knew! Good for Jake. He’s deserves some recognition after all the flak he received for his performance in TPM. And more good news: Hot Topic has on it’s website the Jar Jar Binks vinyl bobblehead you mentioned a few month back. It’s soooo cute!

  2. peacetrainjedi Says:

    What in the name of San Hill…

    This is without a doubt the strangest tidbit of news I’ve heard in a while…wonder when this award was first created.

    But congrats! I wonder if all the actors get it or only the principal/leads? Anyways, it’s totally wizard! I bet it looks sharp too. I might just have to go watch The Phantom Menace now to celebrate these snazzy awards.

  3. lovelucas Says:

    Finally something positive for Jake about Star Wars. He’s a nice person – I’ve talked to him several times – but he and his family were pretty shocked at all the negativity. I know there were some scenes that could have used another take but he absolutely nailed most of them, including the dining scene where he was sharp enough to convince Qui Gon about Jedi instincts but then very child-like when explained how slaves could be blown up if they tried to leave……His goodbye to his mother, Shmi was terrific too. And that look he gave Mace………………..While making AotC, Sam mentioned it and how Hayden’s Anakin’s unfriendly look reminded him of Jake.

  4. oxward321 Says:

    It’s about time Jake gets recognized for his great job in TPM!

  5. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    Yay! Star Wars causes Jake some actual JOY for once!

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