Ian McDiarmid In “Dragonslayer”

I saw “Dragonslayer” in the theater back in 1981. Directed by old Lucas pal Matthew Robbins, it starred Peter MacNichol as a callow young man called upon to fight a dragon that enjoyed setting villages and people on fire, and accepting virgins as sacrifice. It was part of a run of sword and sorcery fantasy flicks that appeared in the early ’80s with perhaps “Excalibur” (1980) the best known of that bunch.

Little did I know that one of the dragon’s eventual victims would go on to become the Emperor in the very next Star Wars film. Unfortunately I couldn’t find video of his big scenes without posting the entire film, so again we’re going with a picture.

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One Response to “Ian McDiarmid In “Dragonslayer””

  1. EmSeeSquared Says:

    So now we all have a young face to go by when reading or re-reading Darth Plagueis ;)

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